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Truppen hängen in meinem Tambo fest



The Bacabs' Crystals


New Cheat in play?






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  • wyrda -

    Replied to the thread anmeldung.

    hi gaviotta, das hat ja jetzt funktioniert, nur ich wollte mich in der nähe meines stammes niederlassen, hatte auch die richtigen koordinaten, aber es hat leider nicht geklappt!! wie kann das sein?? bitte um antwort ;) glg wyrda
  • Blümchen -

    Replied to the thread Truppen hängen in meinem Tambo fest.

    hallo wieder das selbe ,aber diesmal auf dem server Witzna,und mit dem spieler recaro.ich habe schon alles gemacht , Browser-Cache geleert,was soll ich noch machen sind jetzt schon mehr wie 2 stunden :(
  • Poison Axe -

    Posted the thread The Bacabs' Crystals.

    Well Witzna is well under way and would like to know when the The Bacabs' Crystals will be coming. This is a good event to get players more involved and with 400-500 players online at the same time will help activity.
  • rikimaru -

    Replied to the thread New Cheat in play?.

    u cant see the city in real time u need to refresh window to see the city, its an usual tactic, move net to target and send atack, some times atack is only 3 seconds (lighting feast) and u cant noticed, its not hack also enemy can send spy from city b…
  • Bricia -

    Liked Amazon’s post in the thread what's happening to amazons?.

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    Well that really sucks. Another major imbalance in the game.
  • M0H0 -

    Replied to the thread Kinichna.

    1:5 is the standard now, it's possible this is different from your previous server depending on how old it was, but 1:5 is now default for all servers, new or merged.
  • Malia -

    Liked M0H0’s post in the thread New Cheat in play?.

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    It's possible that, in moving his city next to yours, the travel time to attack you was so short (seconds) that you simply didn't have time to see the attack arrive. This is not illegal, but you do have to be careful to prepare against these kind of…
  • kumalisa -

    Posted the thread Kinichna.

    You changed strong player protection factor, but forgot to tell us, or there is some other problem with the server?
  • Kroesus -

    Replied to the thread New Cheat in play?.

    As I said I was on at the time and on map....his city was not there for first two waves.....how do you so simply explain away the "friendly force" label in activity for a 2nd wave hit.....I was tribeless
  • Gaviotta -

    Replied to the thread Internationaler Servermerge: am 16. September 2018 um 18:00.

    Der Server Becan (itm10) ist nun online, ihr erreicht diesen Spielserver unter intm10.tentlan.com/?noredirect !!! Bitte beachtet, dass die Übergangsperiode 48 Stunden beträgt. Wichtig ist, dass ihr eure Städte rechtzeitig umsiedelt.