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General city UI suggestions


Pinned The WELCOME Thread



Отговори на зададени въпроси



Star Wars?


Persel HD



Persel HD

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  • Xibor -

    Posted the thread General city UI suggestions.

    One thing I think would be key for the city overall UI is to see which things are producing. From what I see I can't tell right now that my quarry is not producing but my corn farm is (unless I'm missing something). Just a thought...
  • Xibor -

    Replied to the thread The WELCOME Thread.

    Wanted to say Hello. I just starting playing and I'm evaluating the game for a review/link on my site. I might make a blog post about it at some point. Best wishes all, and Happy Gaming. Visit my site at xibor.site
  • kumalisa -

    Replied to the thread Отговори на зададени въпроси.

    Ако отговорят е до 1-2 дена. Не се ли случи в този период, въобще не се надявай на какъвто и да е отговор.
  • Persel HD -

    Replied to the thread Star Wars?.

    Ist so weit ich weiß der neuste SW Film
  • Persel HD -

    Replied to the thread Buchstabenkette.

  • jugador -

    Posted the thread desactivar ataques el dia de mantenimiento.

    Si hacéis mantenimiento lo suyo a parte de avisar es que desactivarais los ataques ese día dando protección,que solo se pueda atacar haciendo bárbaros. Total ponéis que puede durar 2 horas o mucho menos pero si dura mas habrá jugadores que no…
  • Veritas -

    Replied to the thread unfair practices at play.

    Delete your character on all servers you play on! Now that you do not exist anymore create a new character with a new email! You are someone new and unless you tell anyone they do not know who you are!!!
  • Gaviotta -

    Posted the thread Neuer Spielserver Ixtlan startet am Do., den 20.06, um 14:00.

    Hallo Ahaus, am Donnerstag, den 20. Juni ist es soweit, ein neuer Tentlan-Server geht an den Start! Die neue Spielwelt heißt "Ixtlan" (DE19) und hat dieselben Einstellungen und Konditionen wie vorherige Spielwelten (DE: Holmul, Xelha…). Bitte…
  • Gaviotta -

    Replied to the thread wie kann man den support anschreiben.

    Du kannst den Support über diese E-Mail-Adresse kontaktieren: support@lionmoon.com.
  • 156gta -

    Liked Stormqueen’s post in the thread Message for tentlan team - Attack after city movement strategy.

    Like (Post)
    This isn't the place for personal attacks or quarrels and as always there will be more to the story than meets the eye. Since I am not the player concerned it's is for them to comment or not as they wish on that score. I do have some observations though…