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turquoises transfer



Harassed by another player



Message for tentlan team - Attack after city movement strategy



wie kann man den support anschreiben



system probleme ?


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  • BatVeso -

    Replied to the thread turquoises transfer.

    само ,ако закупени! Tези който ти ги дава играта не ги прехвърлят.
  • Grubendol -

    Replied to the thread Harassed by another player.

    The best way to stop the harassment is not allow him to raid you cities. Build poloms and save your stuff. If he's not getting anything from you he will stop harassing you and look for other victims.
  • Worldorder -

    Posted the thread turquoises transfer.

    Is there any way to transfer my turquoises from one server to another ?
  • qazeu -

    Now follows M0H0.

  • BigMoHaGa -

    Replied to the thread Message for tentlan team - Attack after city movement strategy.

    Wow! The last time this was shared was 2 whole years ago? C'mon man! I personally can't stand when you can locate your city to the front door steps of any player and then destroy that player within a short time, all for what? I've had this done to me…
  • BigMoHaGa -

    Liked Amazon’s post in the thread Message for tentlan team - Attack after city movement strategy.

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    The standard answer is "It's a war game." Well, OK. This is not the first war game I've played. But it is the one that is most unbalanced. And other software devs can make chunks of money while still balancing the game. In fact, I would argue that that…
  • ragnarat -

    Replied to the thread wie kann man den support anschreiben.

    möchte auch support anschreiben, habe im bild kein postfach
  • ragnarat -

    Posted the thread system probleme ?.

    erst verschwinden 5x hergestellte bogen a 400 , nun bekomme ich nach 8std rs produ keine ressoussen. habe viel geld bezahlt, so seht ihr nichts mehr, nein support anfrage ist mist weil ich kein microsoft google postfach nutze.
  • MKohlman36 -

    Replied to the thread unfair practices at play.

    I have been attacked by one particular player so much that the strikes have become disturbing and this player had the audacity to gloat about it on chat. Truly feel as though I am being targeted and while the player in questions aid it was not personal,…