FAQ - 4. Buildings

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    • FAQ - 4. Buildings

      - Are there any level limits for upgrading building structures?
      • For resource buildings (Cacao Plantation, Obsidian Mine, Quarry, Farm), there are no hard limits as to the maximal level, you can continue upgrading them as long as it pays off in terms of costs and benefits. As a rule of thumb, it makes sense to upgrade this type of buildings up to level 40.
      • Wall and Watchtower: there are no hard limits, but depending on your needs and objectives, it can make sense to upgrade these buildings up to lvl 35-40.
      • There are some buildings that grant bonuses for each new upgrade, such as speed bonus in research, strength bonus, luck bonus, etc. Taking into account the bonus caps for each building, it can make sense to upgrade these buildings as long as you can receive a bonus:

        - Jaguar Temple, Itzamna Temple, Observatory - up to lvl 40;
        - Moon Temple - up to lvl 30;
        - House of Quipu, Dwarf Pyramid, Temazcal, Quetzal Palace - up to lvl 15;
        - Stele - up to lvl 10.

      - Is there any way to reduce the construction time of the buildings?

      • Change the season to winter, and the construction time will automatically be reduced by 20%.
      • Besides, you can research Architecture, as each Architecture level grants 1% time discount (max. 40%).