FAQ - 8.1. Sending troops to other players: support & troop transfer

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    • FAQ - 8.1. Sending troops to other players: support & troop transfer

      - How can I send troops to another player?
      There are two options at your disposal: you can either send support (in which case you retain control over and "ownership" of your troops), or transfer troops (which is the same as troop donation or troop gift).

      a) Support

      - How can I support another player?
      To send support to another player's city, you must use "defend ally" option: go to the world map, select the city of the player you wish to support, and select the "Defend ally" either through the world map or the travel orders window:

      And then proceed to fill in your units as you normally would for any other order, and then press the "Send troops" button:

      Once the troop makes it to the city, it will automatically find shelter in your friend's Tambo and stay in position for battle until it's recalled or sent back.

      - How can I recall my troops?
      Go to the tambo building, click on "my troops" tab and press the recall button: by doing so, your troops stationed at other players' tambos will return home.

      - What are the requirements for sending support via tambo?
      - Both players must be in the same tribe;
      - both players must have a tambo structure in their cities;
      - the recipient must have sufficient place in their tambo building.

      - What is the difference between support and troop transfer?
      When sending support (by clicking on the "defend ally" icon), you retain full control over your troops while they're stationed outside your city, namely:

      - the troops will remain in your "possession", you do not donate them, you only "lease" them for some time;
      - you can monitor the status of your troops through the tambo, and how your ally uses your troops any time;
      - if your troops have been sent to attack a target, but you disagree with it, you can recall your troops any time before the troops hit the target (thus cancelling the attack);
      - you will not lose points that give you your units while stationed outside your city at other players' tambos;
      - you can recall your troops any time by pressing the recall button in your tambo building.

      When transferring troops to another player, you practically donate the troops, which is equivalent to troop gifts.
      By doing so, you lose control over trasferred troops, they cease to be yours, and you can only get them back if the other player agrees to send them back.
      Also, by transferring troops you transfer the "ownership" to another player, which will be taken into account in terms of scores: your score would go down for the amount of points that the troop you transfer is worth, while the score of the recipient would go up exactly for the same amount of points.
    • b) Troop transfer

      - What happens to my troops if I transfer them to another player?
      You would donate troops to that player, in other words, make him/her a gift.

      - I've sent (transferred) troops to another player, how do I get them back?

      If you transfer troops to another player, you can only get the troops back if that player returns them to you.

      - When does it make sense to use the troop transfer option?
      Troop transfer is very useful for sending troops between own cities. It can also be used for sending troops to other players, for example, if your friend loses troops in a battle and you wish to help him/her out.

      Note that if you transfer troops to another player, you will only be able to get them back if that other player returns them to you. For this reason, it is recommended using this option only if you have clarified with the other player how you get your troops back. Otherwise you would very likely never see them again.

      - How can I transfer troops to another player?
      To transfer troops to another player, go to the world map and click on the city you want to send troops to. Alternatively, if you know the coordinates of the city in question, you can type them into the coordinates menu in the low left-hand corner of the world map:

      A click on the city image will show several options, such as "spy", "attack" etc. You need to select the option "Transfer troops":

      A click on the "Transfer troops" button will open up a window with an overview of all troops stationed in the city. Select the units you wish to transfer, and press the "Send troops" button.
      Hint: if you need to transfer troops to another player only for "Transfer troops" quest, it would be enough if you send just one unit (e.g. one holcan lancer).

      - What are the requirements for transferring troops to another player?
      • A Jaguar Temple level 5 in both cities - of the recipient and of the sender.
      • You need to have enough corn in your city, in order to pay for the mission. The rates (in corn) for each unit are displayed in the Jaguar Temple.
      • If one player wishes to help another player with troops using the option "Transfer troops", the following applies:
      the recipient must be able to recruit these units by themselves. For example, if you want to transfer jaguar warriors to another player, they must be able to recruit this unit on their own, at least in one of their cities. Otherwise, the units cannot be transferred.