how the wall works

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    • how the wall works


      i am curious about the following scenario:

      wall upgradation is going on, say from lvl 20 to lvl 21
      an attack occurs before the upgradation is complete and pulls the wall down to lvl 19.


      1. will the upgradation of the wall continue?
      2. if it does, after it is finished, what will be the wall lvl?

    • Now, does that mean that the attacked player would get back the same amount of resources after the cancel as if they had cancelled the wall upgrade manually? Or would they get nothing back?

      Example: suppose cancelling wall upgrade to level 21 after 1 hour gives back 100,000 cacao . . . if the player is attacked and the wall drops 1 hour after the player started the upgrade, do they get back 100,00 cacao?

      Also: if the automatic cancel of the upgrade does give back resources, are those resources given back before or after the attacker plunders the city (can the attacker take the resources returned from the cancellation of the wall upgrade, during that attack)?