Now available: February 2018 Patch

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    • Now available: February 2018 Patch

      Hi Ahaus,

      A new update is arriving very soon to Tentlan! We've been listening very closely to your suggestions and complaints this time and made a series of changes and improvements that we believe will address a lot of your concerns and ultimately make Tentlan a little better. Here's what's coming:
      • [Feature] Substantially increased barbarian villages refresh rate. Barbarian villages of all levels will now regenerate and reappear a lot more frequently during the day.
      • [Feature] It's now possible to relocate your city (with the Codex items) even while being attacked. This means other players can no longer block you from moving your cities at any time you want, and also that you can evade attacks by relocating while an attack is in progress. Remember however that a city can only be relocated once every 12 hours, this bit remains unchanged.
      • [Feature] It's now possible to enable vacation mode while being attacked. If this is done, the existing attack(s) will proceeded as usual even after entering vacation mode, and protection will be applied to new attacks only.
      • [Feature] When espionage fails, and a battle takes place as a result of that, the attacker (the player that attempted to spy) will no longer be able to inflict damage in this battle. In other words, if espionage fails you will only take damage but not fight back.
      • [Feature] You can now mute a player from the chat by selecting "Block" in their profile. Blocking a player will now simultaneously block private messages and chat messages.
      • [Feature] Time zone is now automatically detected rather than set to the default "Europe/Berlin" (new players only).
      • [Bugfix] Fixed issue that made former tribe members appear in the members list even though they were no longer members.
      • [Bugfix] Labels in the world map now update statuses in real time (if a player enter/leaves vacation mode or is banned/unbanned, this info is no longer lagging behind in the world map, but shown as it happens).
      • [Bugfix] The 12 hour beaten city protection now applies in attacks that take place after espionage failures as well.
      • [Bugfix] Pacific mode (white flag) is now immediately lost if you attack another player while on it (i.e. pacific mode is applied only until you attack again).
      • [Bugfix] Enabling vacation mode now requires that no troops are stationed in other people's Tambos (you can no longer go on vacation mode while sharing your troops).
      • [Bugfix] When leaving a tribe, troops in Tambos are now automatically recalled. It will no longer be possible to host a troop from someone after said player leaves your tribe.
      • [Bugfix] City names will now have a 3 character minimum requirement much like player or tribe names.
      • [Bugfix] In servers with peace settings (currently Edzna, Nakumal and Sayil), the 12 hour protection rule now applies from the weaker to the stronger player as well (as opposed to applying only from the stronger to the weaker).
      • [Bugfix] Coordinates in the unit orders window now update properly if the window was already open when clicking on worldmap icons.
      We hope that you'll like what you'll find. The patch is now live on our beta testing server, and you are all of course invited to join to help us test. Over the next few days, we'll be rolling it out slowly to all servers and countries, follow this thread to know when the update hits your server.

      Let us know what you think, we are always happy to hear feedback. As always, for any questions or issues with your account remember you can reach us via our support email anytime.

      Have fun,

      Your Tentlan Team