rewards from missions/tutorials

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    • rewards from missions/tutorials

      Question, new to game and enjoying a lot. If I have more than one reward of the same resource,(i.e. 10% cacao for 4 hours), does the percentage increase with the time? Or is it just 10% for 8 hours. The reason for the question is because someone thought that the percentage increased also.

      Found the answer

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    • When it is exactly the same %-age bonus, then only the time will increase (2x 10% for 4 hours will become 10% for 8 hours).

      When it's different %-age boni, then they will be active all at once (1x 10% for 4 hours, 1x 15% for 2 hours, 1x 20% for 8 hours will become 10% of base production + 15% of base production +20% of base production for 2 hours, then 10% of base production + 20% of base production for the next 2 hours, then 20% of base production for the last 4 hours)
    • Thank you for the reply. New to the game, slowly learning but there really is NO information located in the forum to really help new players. You have to get your information from players that have been playing the game for the past year or more. Most of the posts I have seen have dates of 2015 or 2016. I have many questions and NO where to get the information, except from more experienced players, which I have just lost. The founder of the tribe I am in has left. That leaves the remaining members to learn on their own. Would really love to see guides or any information, that would be of use to new players posted in the forum. I am assuming most of the dominating tribes are run by the experienced players

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