[Done] Maintenance operations 24.03

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    • [Done] Maintenance operations 24.03

      Hello Ahaus,

      Today (March 24th) during the next few hours we'll be performing a series of minor maintenance tasks in the following servers:
      • Sayil (int4)
      • Tayasal (intm2)
      • Izapa (intm4)
      • Spanish Cihuatán (esm5)
      • Edzna (int2)
      • Naachtun (intm7)
      These servers will remain accesible during the operations, but short windows of increased latency or brief unavailability may be observed. We expect the impact to be minimal with practically no disruption to your game otherwise. We'll keep you updated if this changes.

      Thank you for your patience,

      Your Tentlan Team