Tips For Someone about to Start Playing

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    • Tips For Someone about to Start Playing

      I am about to start playing this game and want to find out anything helpful i can. Also the amount of response to this thread will give me a good idea of how active players are on this game and board. Things that can help... which server to play, how to find/get a good map spot, good beginning strategies, when to join a clan, etc...

      All help appreciated

    • I think you'll find that a lot of players prefer to communicate in-game than via the forums, which is a pity, but don't let that discourage you, most players are otherwise pretty friendly and more than happy to start a chat as long as you are nice.

      Some advice that I can give you off the top of my head, others may want to chime in:
      • Keep your corn farm 2 o 3 levels above your mines or your cacao plantation, and do so early (corn is scarce at the beginning, the earliest you invest in the corn farm the better).
      • Level up your espionage as soon as you can, and keep doing it, this one research is vital throughout the whole game.
      • Join a tribe as soon as you possibly can. Players that are active tribe members and play nice with others usually tend to fare better in the long term, and specially at the beginning you can learn a lot from experienced players. There's no penalty for joining and leaving tribes, so if you make a mistake and join the wrong tribe you can always leave and join another.
      • Keep your eyes peeled, and not just for attacks. Unfortunately some players can be dishonest and deceitful, and ocasionally you may encounter unexpectedly broken alliances and promises, or people you thought were your allies stabbing your back. Human nature can be a bit nasty sometimes, but if you are awake you'll quickly learn who to trust.
      When you are ready to dive deeper, the battle system guide is a pretty heavy read, but can give you a significant edge once you grasp it all.