wann kommt was neues??

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    • wann kommt was neues??

      M0H0 wrote:

      Dear Ahaus,

      This update is dedicated to the veterans, those of you that have seen great tribes rise and fall, top players come and go, those of you that have waged wars, some of them won, some of them lost, but always standing on your feet. Know that we do not forget about you!

      Starting today, new stronger level 8 and 9 barbarian villages will appear on the world map! These stronger barbarians are not just a new challenge, but a way to grow faster at high levels too! Think you can beat them?

      These new barbarians come with a small twist: in order to spy or loot them you'll need to meet the following criteria:
      • Level 8: Cosmology 2
      • Level 9: Astrology 5
      As soon as you meet these you'll be able to loot them (if you can beat them!) as with the lower level barbarians.

      That's it for now, but stay tuned, because there is more on the way for players of all levels ;)

      Good luck and have fun!

      Your Tentlan Team
      when is something new? we are all looking forward to it ;) wann kommt wieder was neues?? wir warten schon lange darauf ^^ :D
      :) bin für alles offen!! 8) gebe immer mein bestes :saint: :P