Suggestion for the game: tribe reports

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    • Suggestion for the game: tribe reports

      To have a tab that any player could see the messages of attacks, defense, reinforcements, transfer of resources etc of all the players of his tribe, would be more interesting the game and in this way also it would be worth to finish with the multicuentas, if a player of my tribe attacks its multicuenta that has outside the tribe the other comrades see the attack and also will go for the resources, if a player sends resources to his multicuenta that is inside the tribe they will be able to remove it from the tribe and to give him of side , since you demonstrate to have a certain laziness to eliminate the multicuentas players as to the players that the only thing that is dedicated in the game is to disrespect the chat and that they have it as a routine, put tribal reports so that we do not have multi-account players playing with us.

      Sorry for the English but I used the Google translator because this idea seems very good for the game and I have decided to translate it into English and put it here in the international section