New Cheat in play?

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    • New Cheat in play?

      I was online in server 15 when DARN_UNKNOWN attacked me and wiped me out....not unusual but I got no red banner OR red light warning....a second wave showed on my activity as "Friendly forces" returning home from gathering my resources......I was online at the time this all happened doing my barb runs and saw this happen
    • It's possible that, in moving his city next to yours, the travel time to attack you was so short (seconds) that you simply didn't have time to see the attack arrive. This is not illegal, but you do have to be careful to prepare against these kind of attacks.
    • u cant see the city in real time u need to refresh window to see the city, its an usual tactic, move net to target and send atack, some times atack is only 3 seconds (lighting feast) and u cant noticed, its not hack also enemy can send spy from city b and atack u whit city a, and consfuse u sending resources, bad for u didnt noticed early
      No te enojes. Recuerda que la gente no TE hace cosas, la gente hace cosas y tú decides si te afectan o no”