[URGENT] Turquoise fast button MUST change

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    • [URGENT] Turquoise fast button MUST change


      Today I started to command some poloms and then I change my mind and want to make some eagles. So I click on "Cancel" and a confirmation is asked (a good idea ) so I click on it but between the time the pop up appear and my click that "confirmation" disapear and the famous -50% time with turquoise button appear, is validate and here WITHOUT confimation !
      So now i have fast poloms queue (wow amazing...) and not cancelled....
      That cost me almost all of turquoises I got for nothing usefull and wanted !

      This stuff MUST BE change and really fast ! (at least add confirmation button...).

      Thanks for your read.
    • Hello again,

      This time it's worth than before ! I send some spies and move resources between cities when I plan to attack barbarian, big mistake !!! When i tried to click on eagle picture for send them, a spy reach his destination, that show up the actions window and click (and validate, obviously) on this damn fu***** button !
      I will never buy turquoises if i can loose them in this dump way ! That was only a season ritual so that take me "ONLY" 10 of them. If it had been a high level research or building, i possibly loose all of them !