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    Replied to the thread Attack Protection.

    thank you Carlos, good to know :)
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    Liked Carlos_Magno’s post in the thread Attack Protection.

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    Hi CopperEl, On international war server (Miktlan), you need to wait 2 hours after an attack to activate the Pakal items (Atack Protection) . On the other servers (Witzna, Chactum, Ixlu, yaxuna, Balamku, ... ), you'll have to wait 12 hours.
  • CopperEl -

    Posted the thread Attack Protection.

    I wanted to go on AP but before I hit someone, when they got back (my troupes) I wanted to activate AP but it sais: you recently launched and attack please wait a few hours... now how long must I wait to be able to activate my AP?? :?: