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  • Sasha2 -

    Posted the thread Merge for Balamku.

    Still no idea yet about any merges?? We are dying here....too many hiders and nothing much to do...what kind of war game is that??? Need some relief very soon!!
  • Sasha2 -

    Liked Keshaan’s post in the thread Merge.

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    Well that went exactly as we predicted. Complete domination by 1 tribe and nothing to do anymore: On the first page of the highscore we have 7 active players from the dominating tribe. The rest from other tribes are 2 inactives, 1 in constant vacation, 1…
  • Sasha2 -

    Replied to the thread We need a merge..

    Thank you for answering. It is just getting very frustrating not being able to play the game as it should be done. Hoping to hear more very soon.....
  • Sasha2 -

    Posted the thread We need a merge..

    Balamku needs a merge. There are very few players except the largest tribe. I refuse to be forced to another server to start over again. This is unfair and uncalled for. Why were we not considered??