Underground cave

  • I think the cave should be revisited, the holding space is so minute that it's almost not even worth it. At lvl 10 it holds 3k each resource while I have over 500k limestone on hand.

  • We'll keep that in mind, it's definitively not the first time we hear this complaint. The Underground cave is not supposed to be a perfect resource safeguard, but I agree that it could be improved.

  • Maybe, I am just thinking about it, it is better to give a percentage bonus than an absolut number. If you work with something from 1%-5%(depending on the level), de building will indeed be like not worth too much in the beginning and still be very usefull end-game. Or maybe it is too weak in the beggining, although I think it would be more than now, so it could be ok. Not so sure about all the numbers and proportions.

  • It's funny that you mention that because the underground cave actually started with a percentage based formula in an earlier beta, but since no one seemed to like that we quickly switched to an absolute number based system :) We'll see, we understand the current cave is not ideal either way.

  • As I understand it, at present when a city is attacked the maximum of that city's total resources that can be plundered is 40% minus whatever is protected by the cave, so the cave would work pretty well if you went back to percentage based? eg 40% max plunder with a L20 cave would mean maximum plunder of 20% of total res. It's also matters whether food can get plundered or not and what effect that would have.