• I am posting this here as it is not a Server specific issue.
    My personal view is that Tribe sizes need to be limited.
    Until recently in UXMAL there was one tribe that had at one stage nearly 300 members.
    That was 10% of the whole game population.
    If they wanted to they could have dominated the server and for quite some time there was that threat.
    I dont think that is good for a 'young' game.

    The DEVS might be taking a look and see attitude to this.
    They might well say in the fullness of time large Tribes will prive unwieldy and they will reduce in size by way of attrition and they could pont the finger at what has happened recently on UXMAL.

    Be that as it may I am wondering if Tribes should self regulate themselves so we all agree on a given size limit.

    I am thinking of a number that is either 50 75 or a 100.
    Maybe we draw a limit at a 100 and then attrition will get it down to 75.

    Any thoughts very welcome.

  • Having a high number of members and more than other Tribes does not necessarily mean that Tribe can dominate the server. A Tribe could have only 20 players but if those players are the highest scoring then they are more able to dominate the server.

    Also, with a Tribe of say 300 members, it's possible / probable that less than half of these are inactive.

    A good topic to raise for debate though Tane :)

  • i like both opinions on this, and a leader switch or default option when a leader goes in active for a specific time it could/would be transferred, As far as a limit I'm still on the fence, larger alliance should help keep from having many alliances,because the smaller one would end up being farmed,
    But also, Larger alliances can put a target on themselves, for other alliances to pact against,
    But also smaller ones can be controlled easier and less stressful, better timing efforts, but not time options meaning if all lived around the world timed attacks and defensive's would be hard. jm2c

  • As an addendum to my initial post I am also well aware of how Tribes can get around regulating Tribe numbers.

    I have seen this happen over and over in games similar to this that I have played.

    What has happened is that once a Tribe gets too big the Founder divides the Tribes into offshoots with the most active or the highes ranked players in that Tribe in the main Tribe and then the others in sub tribes including so called Training Tribes.

    Then what also happens is that if a Sub Tribe is coming under attack the players from the Main Tribe migrate to the sub tribe that is under attack and then go back to where they came from once the attacks finish.

    This sort of tactic is more prevalent in games where WARS can be declared and a Tribe can accumulate WAR POINTS. As an aside declared WARS are not a bad thing as then instead of Tribes attacking one another willy nilly and players getting upset here two Tribes go to war against one another and they agree on a point scheme. Say for every warrior one loses one loses a point and so one declares a WAR with 20,000 points at stake. Once one Tribe gets to 20,000 points they win that War and a Tribe has a WAR win/loss statistic that details how many wars they have won or lost. Those players that do not want to participate in the WAR are asked to leave the Tribe for the duration of the WAR.

    Getting back to my main point, in other similar games where sub tribes do exist the DEVS have stopped the abiliy of players to Tribe jump back and forth by making it a rule that once you go from one Tribe to another they cannot move back to the original tribe for 1 month. But of course they can join a 3rd Tribe or else even go Tribe-less.

  • I play World of Warcraft and I have seen where a few guilds that my characters have joined often wind up dead because of inactivity of over 80 to 90 percent of its members, I would say. I have noticed in one guild that I quit that many players have not logged on in at least 2 or 3 years. So far, I have not been in any games where a guild or tribe took over/dominated a server because they had over 100-300 members. Maybe it happens in other games, I don't know, just had not seen it in any of the servers of games I have played. :)