How can this be - what am I missing here.

  • Attention Devs and Players with Experience.

    Could someone explain how this can be.

    I have been doing some Battle Sims to work out of Certain Warriors are more cost effective than others and if it is better to think of certain Warriors as defensive units as opposed to attacking units.

    In MAYAPAN since I can now recruit a Ek Chuah Warrior I decided to do a battle sim to work out what it would take to beat it and this is what I found.

    It only takes 4292 Holcan Bowman.

    How can that be?????

    Also in the attack the attacker only loses 518 Bowman.

    I attacked with 4292 bowman and nothing else.

    I did not add any other stats for the attacker in the Battle Sim stats.

    For the Defender I insered the following:

    1 x Ek Chuah
    Underground Cave > Level 18
    Wall > level 50
    Temazcal > level 2
    Dwarf Pyramid > level 1
    Stele > Level 3
    Engineering > Level 17
    Goldsmith Art > Level 9

    It makes no sense and if I understand how the battle mechanics work iit makes even less sense.

    Am I missing something?

    If the above is correct from a Cost Benefit viewpoint why would anyone ever want to build a Ek Chuah

  • Ek Chuahs are not invincible nor will they grant you automatic victory in battle, but they have their place if used properly. For example, the sheer amount of stamina they have means they can absorb a great deal of damage before being taken down, as opposed to other units. In many cases you can reduce your losses significantly by simply attacking with Ek Chuahs. Let me give you an example:


    Ek Chuah:

  • THanks for taking the time to get back to me

    M0H0 the issue I have is this.

    From a cost benefit viwpoint it takes a lot of resources research and so on to be able to even recruit an Ek Chuah.

    Also by the time you are able to recruit a Ek Chuah you should hae been able to build way more than 4000 Bowman.

    So if one knows that less than 4000 bowman will defeat an Ek Chuah why would you recruit an Ek Chuah?

    Given the cost difference in building an Ek Chuah in my opinion it should not be able to defeat an Ek Chuah unless a Tribe Group Attacked it. Of course at the moment the TSMOB is not featured for group attacks but that is another issue.

    Also if I follow the battle Mechanics you have given the collective strength of the Bowman is not more than the Stamina of the Ek Chuah. Also it shows that a wall level of 50 is a total waste of time as it did nothing to stop the bowman.

    In my opinion from a cost benefit viewpoint it makes no sense to build a wal any higher than wall level 12 or so as once it loses just one level the attacker has effect in fact breached the defenders defences.

    After wall level 10 you dont need a higher wall for any other game related esearch or builds so again from a cost benefit viewpoint why build a wall any higher than 11?