lost amber stones

  • I was wondering if anyone had problems with losing their amber stones I haven't played the wheel on any of the two servers that I have lost amber stones off I logged on one day and they were all gone I know of one other person that this has happened too. In total I have lost 6 on one and 2 on three now not sure whether to keep farming barbs to get new cities.

  • MIdnight it has ever happened to me but I did hear someone say that it happened to them but I am not sure which server it was on.

    What I would suggest is sending a message to Support by clicking the SUPPORT tab on this forum which is the rightmost TAB on the top next to FORUM / MEMBERS / SUPPORT and then tell them which server or servers it happened on and they should be able to check your playing history and tell you what happened to your amber stones. You have to give them the email address you used to join the server in question and the reply you get will be to your email.

  • Also MaggieMay lost now 25 stones in total (5 stones was her last loss). That is on Uxmal server. Also Maggie sent a personal message to M0H0 on Uxmal several days ago but no response so far.
    I hope M0H0 finds the time to help those people by checking what went wrong, before they loose confidence in the game.

  • We've been investigating the issue but we found that both in the cases of midnight and MaggieMay, the amber stones were spent on upgrading the Quetzal Palace. Please note that upgrading the Quetzal Palace costs amber stones:

    We think it's likely that you didn't notice this when upgrading the Quetzal Palace, hence the amber stones seemingly disappearing. If you were saving to establish a new settlement the good news is that it's only in this step where you need them, so they are definitely not lost ;)

    In the future for these cases please send us directly an enquiry to support@lionmoon.com since I no longer have time to check private messages in-game or in the forum regularly and thus I can't guarantee it'll be dealt with in time. Thanks!

  • hi i had 6 stones and now i have 2, so i lost somehow also 4, and i can't imagine spending them on anything? can anyone help me with this too? thx

  • AS M0H0 has explained above the most likely thing is that they got used when you built your Quetzal Palace. To build a level 1 Q Palace you need 4 amber stones. So if you had accumulated 6 then you would have had to use 4 to build the Q Palace