International War Server Tenochtitlan

  • Dear Ahaus,

    Ready for a special server that will test your skills? On Thursday May 25th 17:00 CEST, for the first time in Tentlan, the new international war server Tenochtitlan will start! Here is what will be waiting for you:

    • First international world in Tentlan, all languages are allowed and welcome! Set your language of choice any time in settings.
    • Country flags shown next to player names in private messages, highscore, chat, etc to help you navigate this very diverse world!
    • Recruiting units grants 3 times more points than usual. Units play a much bigger role in your score!
    • Gain battle points in battles! Your score will increase according to the amount and type of units your defeat in battle (and these points will be permanent)
    • Quad speed world, build, research, recruit and travel at four times the usual speed!
    • Four times more resources than usual in the mines and plantations.
    • Corn rates for travels four times less, so you can travel larger distances at a much lower cost in corn.
    • New barbarian attacks every 12 hours (instead once per day).
    • Newbie protection limited to 1000 points or 48 hours (vs 2400 points or 5 days in an usual world).
    • Weak city protection (75% score difference after first attack) disabled.
    • Strong player protection (x10 score difference) disabled.
    • Relocating a city via the shop codices possible every 4 hours (instead of the usual 12)
    • Attack protection via Pakal items in the shop can be enabled 2 hours after attacking (instead of the usual 12)
    • Rounds in this server will last 5 months each: this first round will be reset in October.

    Tenochtitlan will open its doors to players of all languages and countries on Thursday 25th 17:00 CEST (Central European Time). We will be posting specific timezone times in each respective language forum area.

    Good luck everyone! We are very excited for the start of what will be both the first international and the first war world in Tentlan and we hope you'll share our excitement too next Thursday! Don't hesitate to let us know any questions or feedback you may want to share with us, we are here :)

    All the best,

    Your Tentlan Team

  • Some additional information: Tomorrow at 17:00 CEST Tenochtitlan will start, and there will no pre-registrations or reservations, registrations will start when the server begins. Tenochtitlan will be available under, make sure to bookmark the address :)

  • Important change regarding battle points: Starting right now, battle points will no longer be granted with espionage missions that result in indirect attacks, but rather only via direct attack missions. This change is not retroactive so players that acquired battle points in this manner will keep their existing points.