• Since battlefield could easily turn to be very boring one. Here is suggestion for add on current battle system.

    War seasons:

    When doing battle before anything happens season for the fight is calculated. Depending on season. Certain units or army gets bonuses. Seasons are calculated for every round.


    • first and second round are fought with same season.
    • 3 season is defenders season
    • 4 attackers season
    • 5 season is calculated for favor of army that has most units.

    Different rounds get seasons calculated by different reasons. First and second seasons are calculated by point system. Third by which season is most advantageous in fight for defender and fourth is same for attacker. Last the 5 round is the same that player with most units remaining has on in attack/defender city.

    Point system

    Point system gives point on player depending on techs and other various factors. In battle player with most points collected from point system gets season in his village to be war season in first 2 rounds. In event of tie smaller player gets his active season. Players in Tambo (attacker or defenders tambo) do not participate when calculating war season.

    • 2 points per tech level in following techs. (Medicine, Nature, Diplomacy and Trade)
    • 5 points per tech level in Chronology and Astronomy
    • 10 points side with most troops
    • 50 points to side that is at least 2x smaller than other. (total score)
    • 20 points to defender if wall is +30 level
    • 20 points to attacker if moon temple is +30 level

    Unit bonuses:


    Attacker: Holcan spears have first strike in battle. This mean they get free hit round against enemy without getting damage to themselves. Only Holcan spears from attacker participate in fight. If defender has wall then that participates in fight. (With bonuses from eagle warriors)
    Defender: Every Eagle Warrior produce 800 strength and 10.000 stamina to wall. (Bonus is not lost even if season changes in fight)


    Attacker: Ek Chuah units gets 5x strength
    Defender: Holcan Archers act like shamans and Quipucamayocs max bonus is 50% and they become support unit like shamans.


    Attacker: Jaguar Warriors heal 50% attackers units if at the end of the fight there is 10:1 ratio between Jaguars and other units.
    Defender : Atlants heal 80% defender units if defender has at least 500 Atlants surviving the fight


    Attacker: Amazon Warriors have first strike. Other than that they work like normal.
    Defender: Atlatl Hunter units get 20x strength when defending.

    Questions.. ??This suggestion might be little incomplete. So be brave to suggest little changes or add ons.

    Right now lot of units become trash very fast. I wish to make all units relevant trough the game and give smaller players a change fighting against bigger more established players. By either using turtle tactics or other tactics.. with good use of units.