Shamans and Quipucamayocs

  • What, exactly, is meant by "10 [shamans/quipus] per unit"?

    Going by the old guide from the FAQ, which I know occurred before the overhaul of the battle system, it looked like it was having 10% of the army each be shamans and quipus.

    But what is it now? Is it still 10% each? 10 for each individual?? (That would be crazy)...

    And what, then, is the maximum regen and accuracy?

  • There is a difference between battle units and support units: you only need quipus and shamans for battle units in order to receive the bonus.
    If you have 500 jaguars and 500 poloms, you'll need 10 quipus + 10 shamans for each battle unit (jaguars only). It is defined in the battle system guide which ones are battle units and which ones are support units.

  • We just had discussion about this in tribe page. That might be your intention. Still right now in my tribe we have seen that poloms need q/s support as well.

    So here is the proof. With no poloms you have 4.000 military units. To give them 30% bonus. You need 40.000 Quipucamayoc. Still with them I only get 26%. Thats because 500 poloms. On other hand I do have 45.000 shamans and I do get 30% max bonus with them. So that means Poloms do count as military units. Unless you consider this bug and you fix it.