• I think it would be nice if the rankings from each server were displayed somewhere. Prior to the merges, I had to create an account on every server that were going to merge with mine in order to have a look at the rankings overthere. A link on the forum would have been so much simpler.

    It would also enable people to keep track of their friends evolution on server they're not playing.

    I'm sure I could find a dozen other good reasons for such a function.

    Also concerning rankings, I think the game lacks a battle ranking chart. There should be, apart from every player's score, a way to keep track of the player's kills. I'm not mentioning barbarians, of course. I mean player vs player.

    This could go even further, and rankings displayed on the forum could engulf all servers, linking a pseudonym to his e-mail adress (without displaying the adress of course) to calculate his score and kills on every server he/she's playing, and the total for all servers.