Too many attacks

  • My tribe members are being bullied ----nearly 200 attacks in 5 hours for ONE person and this after a week of 40 or 50 attacks a day. She tried support and they said there is no limit to the number of attacks anymore ---but I think this has created a bully mentality. What do you think? =O

  • Let me tell everyone here the whole story to prevent misunderstanding. Those attacks are for stopping your tribe members from attacking the weaker players. It keeps you busy and remind you that there are people with same rank as your members in this server. For example, i'm one of those weak players who were getting attacked by someone from your tribe. My power was like 300 k and the attacker was 1.5 mil. he killed all my troops and sent me a message that "If you're not satisfied with your tribe come and join us."!!! I refused and replied that i can not trust someone who attacks first and kill everything then asks questions. He kept attacking me to be sure that there is no more troops in my cities. I tried to rebuild but 2 week later he started attacking me and killed all my troops again. I asked him in a note that i never attacked anyone and just want to farm barbs so please stop attacking me but that didn't stopped him. So i just could build some poloms to transfer resources between my cities but he killed them too. So i asked my tribe to do something about this guy and they attacked him but that didn't stopped him from targeting me so my tribe had to keep attacking to reduce his wall level to 0 to slow him down and make him busy. AND i was NOT the only one he was bullying (that's what you call it right?).
    Play fair and let the weaker players enjoy the game too. If that's too much to ask then stop complaining about us getting help from stronger players.

  • The problem here was not attacks by the higher level of any of the players we all get that at some time in the game -I have been close to wipe out several times but you rebuild and become more strategic. It is not to anyone's benefit to point fingers and say they were mean first or who did what to whom --it is a game not a court case.

    The problem was the fact that the number of unceasing attacks stopped the players from playing the game. The frequency was such that even Vacation could not be used. To start with it was more normal --like an hour or so of attacks and strategically effective, but over time this grew completely out of control
    This was not a "one off" or a new problem it just got over the top.

    This is a core rule for Tentlan that game play must be able to proceed so we put a case to support, they checked the data and chose the consequences.

  • Hye everybody,

    Let me give you some help : when you're attacked or spied, send off your troops and resources ; if you won't be connected or in front of your game, even for 15 mn, send off your troops and resources.

    The attackers will stop their attacks when they won't find anything in your home.

    I'm sorry for the English, but I'm French.

    Hope you'll understand and try to play in this way. You will feel much better after ;)

  • Thank you for that -we usually follow that strategy but these were rolling attacks which meant the next one was arriving as each last one finished and it left no time to play the game at all That is why we thought it needed discussed ----perhaps a limit as to how many attacks allowed in an hour? or a compulsory break between attacks of at least 20 minutes?

  • You're talking about a war server?
    If you're talking about a war server, you know there's no limit to attacks.
    If you don't want to be attacked constantly, go to the peace servers, or to the "normal" servers. These servers have protection against stronger players and periods of "pause" between attacks.

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  • If I may ask, what server are you on? I am hoping it is not mine because this is getting out of hand, and it saddens me that the game gets this intense. Unless it is a War Server, then I will quietly leave the room. Thank you.

  • No it was not a war server which is why we asked for opinions from others. The situation is over and the Tentlan team gave a warning so it will not occur again. Some people are upset and i am totally over it.
    Thank you all for your input it has been helpful--it is not a pleasant thing to have to report players but sometimes it has to happen ---just to clarify a rule.
    I hope the subject can be closed now .

  • If you were constantly attacked on a normal server then it must be from someone who is of similar strength or weaker than you. In that case you should be able to defend yourself or better yet get your tribe to help you.

    There is no limit to how often you can attack someone (unless you are attacking a weaker player) and honestly it is so easy for a defender to avoid attacks by just walking the troops.