Regarding upcoming server mergers

  • A section of the announcement reads:

    • One account only: In order not to breach the multi-accounting rule, in case you play on several servers with different accounts, after the merge is complete you may only continue playing with only one of the accounts. You can opt to either set the remainder account(s) in vacation mode, give them to other players/friends to play, or delete them (via settings -> delete account).

      (!) Please note: after the merge is completed, no transfers of troops/resources are allowed from the account you decide to abandon, to the account you wish to continue playing. Non-compliance is subject to sanctions for multiaccounting.

    • Same email address: In case you play on several servers using the same registered email address for all accounts, only the account with the highest score will be migrated, and the rest will be lost. In order to preserve all accounts, you will need to change the associated email address in each account so they don't match. However, keep in mind that the prior point applies in this case, so do it only if you want to hand the other account(s) to someone else.

    My question is: I assume this applies only to the servers being merged. i.e. there is no issue if you have an account on one of these servers and on one that is not being merged, so there is no question of troops transfers, etc. As written, it is ambiguous.

  • Petitobg is correct. If you use the same email address both on a server that is to be merged and on one that will not be merged, then there is no issue, you can continue playing on both accounts after the merge is complete.