One buildingspace of choise

  • Every city is the same. So there is not a lot of things you can change about your city. If you made one free building space where you can build anything you like? Like an extra Jaguar Temple, to train troops faster. Or a second Underground cave, to keep more safe. Or a building what give you 1% extra limestone, cacao etc. Or a building that reduces cost of research. Or a building specialsid in trading. Or a map building, so your troops will walk faster. Or a building with give you more points to attack more barbarians. So that you can make changes to your city, applaying to your way of playing. And you need to think what building you want in what city and can specialise city's ect.

  • Jaguar temple improves troop recruitment speed.
    Dwarf pyramid improves attack strength.
    Quipu house improves cargo carrying.
    Temazcal house improves troop stamina.

    Between blessings and buildings, everything you want is already included. Build to high levels the buildings you want and your city will be specialised.

  • Kurgar has a point, but it's true that dynamic building spaces would give more choices. It's not a priority at the moment, but we would like to review this someday.