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    [07:51] [NEW] J Kid: hey guys
    [07:52] [KNG] troybutts315: j kid shut up
    [07:52] [KNG] troybutts315: going to attack you right now
    [07:52] [NEW] J Kid: stop please
    [07:52] [KNG] troybutts315: not gonna stop bud
    [07:53] [NEW] J Kid: i am friends with godofthegame2
    [07:53] [KNG] troybutts315: is this true, godofthegame2?
    [07:54] [NEW] J Kid: you dont have to do this and please stop spieing
    [07:54] [KNG] troybutts315: no bud im gonna destroy you. sorry kiddo
    [07:55] jamuscarneyhan37: TROYBUTTS315 FU CK YOU RETART
    [07:55] jamuscarneyhan37: nlggers suck
    [07:55] [KNG] rickyisback: jamuscarneyhan37 you finna get kicked off
    [07:55] jamuscarneyhan37: fu ck you ricky IM GONA KILL YOU BlTCH
    [07:55] [SSMP] kermit: jamus please refrain from language like that
    [07:56] jamuscarneyhan37: kermit LOVeS NlGGERs
    [07:56] [NEW] J Kid: godofthegame2 we spoke troybutts315
    [07:57] Edvindenbeste: Stop using ♥♥♥♥♥♥ slurs, and why are you being so agressive?
    [07:57] [NEW] J Kid: im not aggressive
    [07:58] Edvindenbeste: It's not you
    [07:58] jamuscarneyhan37: edvin im angry about somehting but your a NlGGR
    [07:59] jamuscarneyhan37: nlggers suck
    [07:59] Edvindenbeste: jamuscarneyhan37, what you angry about then, i don't wan't you to call me slurs though.
    [08:00] jamuscarneyhan37: my brother lived in the projects and a black nlgger shot and killed him so im fu cking depresd
    [08:00] jamuscarneyhan37: fu ck nlggers till its backwards !!
    [08:00] Edvindenbeste: Why take that aggression out on me?
    [08:01] jamuscarneyhan37: fu ck you retart. thats akll im gona say bit ch
    [08:01] Edvindenbeste: Is it because this game is centered around a mesoamerican civilisation
    [08:01] jamuscarneyhan37: no bltch
    [08:01] jamuscarneyhan37: fu ck you idiot
    [08:02] jamuscarneyhan37: edvin fu ck you idiot