Upcoming score reset in war/peace servers

  • Hello Ahaus,

    As you probably know, war and peace servers in Tentlan have special score systems that grant more points for certain actions than usual servers. Unfortunately, though, these special rules don't make merges with normal servers possible, so in preparation for future merges, we have decided to reset how scores are calculated in the following servers:

    • Tenochtitlan (int1) (War server) (complete)
    • Edzna (int2) (Peace server) (complete)
    • Sayil (int4) (Peace server) (complete)
    • Miktlan (int8) (War server) (complete)
    • Uxtun (int12) (Peace server) (complete)
    • Hunanhil (int16) (War server) (complete)

    In the next few days, we will roll out a change in these servers that will remove all special score rules and bring scores back in tune with how they are calculated in every other server. This means that everyone playing in these servers will lose points, and many will change positions in the highscore (some higher, some lower) depending on your new scores.

    We understand that this change will not be popular, but believe us when we say we don't take this decision lightly; we think it's the best way to let these servers participate in future server merge rounds.

    Please note that these servers may become inaccesible for a few minutes when the score reset takes place. We will post updates accordingly as the change is being rolled out.

    Thanks for your understanding and all the best,

    Your Tentlan Team

    P.S.: More news regarding server merges are coming, stay tuned ;)