[Discussion] Server merges - February 2020

  • If on the current server, for example from one corner of the map to the other opposite, you do 6-7-8 hours with a Pochteca, on a server with x6 speed ... it considerably reduces the time - 6 times mathematically speaking - so we will do 1-2-3 hours maximum. Most of our players work 7-8-10 hours a day, each wants to keep their account on the waterline, each wants to maintain their position in the game, a position that involves the army plus resources. How do you think this problem will be solved? Nature research, once raised, cannot be reduced

  • As I wrote above, players are required to buy turquoise to reduce travel time.

    It would be logical that the size of the map would be larger, to give all the players on the 30 servers who will soon merge the chance to continue playing and here I am referring to the players who do not have the opportunity to invest money in this game.

  • Most players have opted to play on certain types of servers depending on the time available or depending on the characteristics of the servers. The standard servers for this merger will become speed servers - x6. When you change the rules of the game you must also consider the players who do not want to stay non-stop. Under these conditions, if a player cannot enter the game for 13 hours, he is obliged to enter the holiday or the peace mode (ie money for you) if they have constructions in progress. Not to mention the consumption of corn that is at such a speed during the troop ride. Even if a little bit is put in the troops, the troops will return in 8-9 hours on a speed server. In conclusion, the players are not interested but the money!

  • It won't be as bad as you think. Now we play on a Standart server. The speed is: base speed X 2. Next week we will play on a Speed server where the speed is: base speed X 6. It means that the new server will be just 3 times faster, not 6.

    For example: From where my cities are, to the other end of the map, my army goes and comes back for 28 hours. On the next server, it will need a littel bit more then 9 hours.

    The popcorn won't be a problem aither. Your corn farm will produse 3 times more. If now you have 10b, on the Speed server you will have 30b.

    At least I hope so ;)

  • What shall I write here..... We will see how many Tentlan players will left after a merging normal speed servers with super speed servers ... In my opinion the decision was made by owner just to force us to spend more money and they still did not hearing our suggestions and questions, still no barbarians higher than level 9, still no answers from admins and still we expecting some bugs and problems in the game. How many players left the game because of this ? From Hun side there only couple of them left, and there is no new players...Just try to answer.....
    So stay safe and try to play as long as it possible ...or ....

  • Server merges - February 2020

    Important update: Merged servers will be super speed in economy only. That is to say, building, researching, etc will be faster, but travel will remain at the standard speed in these servers.

    Errare humanum est. We have considered this issue more carefully and decided that you are right. Driving people to spend in Turquoises was never the intent (if we operated that way, Tentlan would no longer exist, because everybody would have stopped playing a long time ago), rather this was an honest miscalculation and we apologize.

  • @TT3[lovesJava] you don't have to worry about any of that, because:

    • The "backup" is done after the server becomes inaccesible to prevent any data loss. That is to say, at the time of the merge, the previous server first becomes unavailable, and then all of the data is copied. That means everything up to the second the merge starts will carry over.
    • Everything in progress carries over (continues as normal in the new merged server) except troops in transit and troops in Tambo, which are automatically returned to their respective owners at the time of the merge (and can be found back in the Jaguar Temple after the merge).

    So you can basically play as normal until the merge starts. No need to plan for catastrophe :)