• Maybe I just overlooked it, but did it state anywhere what the settings for these newly merged servers are? Given that some of them were originally already merged peace/barbarian servers that got a 6-speed as a consolation price, I would assume that is true for the newly merged ones as well?

  • Looking at the Group 4 merger due tomorrow, it does appear a little unfair particularly in regards to the French server with the leading tribe with a score of over 1billion. The points between the servers merging in group four appear very uneven.

    May I ask what measures are taken to ensure that mergers between servers are more or less like for like and fair?

    Also if a server has already had the benefit of being super fast, it is hardly far to merge with servers who have not.

  • hello, that's what I also asked, why do French servers take so long to be merged?
    quirigua a1 1/2 year old we play at farmville and our tribe is waiting for a fusion and we are not far from the billion XP of our tribe.
    In addition to that, I asked the question on the French-speaking forum and I did not have an answer. This said, the more you wait, the more our tribe advances in XP.

  • I agree with you Manon. If all your players are too high for the other servers, when you merge with a server who are significantly lower in points then we will all be playing Farmville.

  • I have wroten this on the french section =>
    bonjour, je suis extrêmement déçu de votre fusion quirigua francophone n'en fait à nouveau pas parti!
    ça fait plus de 6 mois que nous ne sommes plus que 3 peles et 4 tondus sur ce serveur où nous jouons à farmville!
    je pense abandonner ce jeu car plus aucun interêt mis à part faire des troupes , recolter et faire les 5 BB9 /jour !

    bonjour, I'm extremely disappointed that your French speaking quirigua merger is not happening again!
    It's been more than 6 months that we are only 3 peels and 4 sheared on this server where we play in farmville!
    I'm thinking about giving up this game because there's no more interest except to make troops, collect and do the 5 BB9 /day!

  • We take in consideration a variety of factors, not just score, when matching different servers for a merger. In doing it this way we can't always please 100% of the player population in the merger but we do try to match similarily skilled players.

    In the case of servers running at different speeds, we consider the speed difference and only match servers that are at a comparable level of development regardless the speed (for example, a speed server running for sixth months may have reached a stage similar to that of a normal server after 12 months; when that happens they are a good match for a merger).

    Finally, we can't always merge every server that everybody wants; due to the way mergers are arranged there will always be servers that are not a good match for a merger. When that happens, we opt not to merge that server until there is a good match later on.

    We will always get complaints no matter what we do, but I can at least try to assure you that we are not a bunch of blindfolded monkeys throwing darts at a server list when we do mergers.

  • monos no, personas que no hacen caso a los jugadores si, llevo esprando respuesta de como va el sistema de espionaje casi 2 años creo ya, despues no se banean gente que mete dinero en el juego y juega con mas de una cuenta, se permiten insultos racitsas como los de stevenk del servidor intm23, fusiones de 4 servidores siempre que mueren al primer mes por no añadir nunca nada nuevo al juego que incitive a los jugadores atacar.

    Espero que encuentres un rato libre ya para contestarme al sistema de espionaje y las fusiones no suelen estar equlibradas.

    Espero respuesta a este mensaje ya que decis que no sois monos