Yagul server problem

  • There is a problem on the Yagul server! Players are losing points.. while this is not possible, unless one gets rid of buildings or troops. And this is not the case!

    Please check this and solve it!

  • Just wanted to second this , this is a LOT of points that are disappearing , I lost 200k points ! This has just been noticed in the last week , but how long has it been happening ?
    Support needs to look into this and reimburse us all the points .

  • This is still a problem.! Now on Lacandona peace server. Player Lucia lost about 300k points, that is A LOT! Nothing has happened with the account…!!! Reimburse please. Can’t be true. I spend to much money in this game for this shitty treatment. Many problems that I already contacted support about. NOTHING ever happens. If you want to lose one of your biggest donors then OK. But put your shit together and fix this

  • on all the peace servers there is a drop in point

    construction after according to a tip, due to late server integrations https://prnt.sc/Xw9CL6SnwCgG ....this has to be compensated for in the long term .... Chicahua please review gamehelper as well https://prnt.sc/hXSwdSaCXU40 all server record Toppled 5 days ago https://prnt.sc/IsFJAMbh7OuX .... this is problematic because it is not possible to check all the servers if the game helper is not good and how it is developing players in other server


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  • This is not answering anything about my post. Read it again please and quit answering something that has nothing to do with this. I really couldn't care less about the gamehelper when this has to do with me going from 11.100.000 points down to 10.800.000 points in the highscore

  • You should have just messaged me, and I would have given you the answer. Not an answer you like, but an answer. It is, also, a very technical answer, but what would you expect from me?

    I have asked Lionmoon how the points are calculated and updated, but they have always been ambiguous in answering. It seems there are a few ways the game calculates your point score, and they do not always come up with the same number. One method is a 'running tally', where additions and deletions - lost troops, deconstructed researches and buildings - are added and subtracted from the total as they happen. Your point total is updated in real time. Another method is, every so often, this score is recalculated (recalibrated) using your ACTUAL number of troops, and level of researches and buildings, based on their value. A third method seems to be a hybrid of the two, with some unknown probability factor thrown in (Tentlan loves probability factors - otherwise known as 'roll of the dice'). The trouble is, depending on the promotions and level of researches and the seasons at the time you build, research, or recruit, the cost to build, research, and recruit varies as you progress through the game. Doing a recalibration, therefore, using some variation of current and past values, will lead to a different total than the running total. Points will go up or down depending on the recalibration. This seems to be particularly a problem when you have been away for a while, or there has been a communication glitch on the Internet.

    There is no easy way, programming wise, to fix this issue without an extensive data log for each player, recording each addition and deletion in the data base and the points associated with it. In a perfect world, the recalibration would be based on this log. However, the programming load would be humongous and expensive, as almost everything is outsourced to third party server farms and they pay by the second of computation and the terabyte of storage.

    The problem stems from the fact that this is an online game, where a player can be logged in from several devices at the same time, and do something from each device in a short period of time. Keeping all of these different commands from different devices in real time, over an internet (where 'packages' are seldom sent along the same path even in the same message from the same device at the same instant, and then reconstructed at the server end), takes a LOT of redundancy and checking. Complicating this is that the total is calculated in at least two different places at the same time - on your device, and on the main servers. Things go wrong, and thus the need for the recalibration of the totals.

    This is far more noticeable on a peace server, where the only time your points go down is if you lose amazons and nahuals, or if you deconstruct a building or research or troop. On a regular server, where your points are always going up and down, it is less noticeable. But sometimes it is evident if you follow an inactive player's points over time.

    Unfortunately, the answer you will get from Lionmoon will probably be 'The total you see is the correct total. The one you saw before was the incorrect total'.

    Can you imagine what would happen if on-line banking worked the same way?

  • Bonjour même problème sur le serveur Mapimi

    1. Hier soir en me couchant j'ai noté mes point 45 014 000 se matin je n'avais plus que 44 765 0 0 0 . cherchez l 'erreurs . Alors que d'autres joueur n 'en perde pas. Moho c 'est du vol tout comme le non remboursement des turquoises quand on est plusieurs à jouer sur la même box et que vous ne justifier pas de push d'un autre comptes. comme dit a certain dans le jeux il n 'y a que les montagne qui ne se rencontre pas.

  • de nouveau ce matin вам следует следить за своими очками, потому что вчера вечером я был на 47215841, а сегодня утром 46753629.