bug cost me all of my resources and troops

  • I've since been told that this is all my own fault, which is even worse.

    My tribe told me to walk my troops and resources away every time that I am going away to stop enemies from attacking me, killing my troops and stealing my resources. What they failed to tell me was that it mattered what level of barbarian you are spying in order to hide, and that if you spy the wrong level of barbarian then you risk losing all of your troops and all of your resources, which took weeks to build up.

    It's one thing when it's my fault for not doing what they told me and someone decides to attack because I thought I had enough troops to defend, only I was wrong and lost everything. I can accept that.

    But this was me doing exactly what I was told to do and I still lost everything, not only all of my troops but all of my resources too, not due to me doing anything stupid, but due to a stupid tribe giving me bad advice - and then laughing about it.

    I guess that, as with any player in any game, I was testing this game to see if it was the right fit for me, and, while I hated how easy it was for someone to attack me and wipe me out, I accepted the trick of "walking your resources" as a way around this, but to see that that comes with a disclaimer that my tribe didn't bother to tell me and then laughed at me about, it tells me that this game is a bit of a joke.

    I also note that I posted something on the forums a week ago about the inaccurate names and nobody bothered to respond to it, which tells me that this is not a very active community.

    Maybe I will come back one day, but not now. I just spent weeks building everything up only to be screwed over by bad advice from a bad tribe.

    I quit the tribe on the spot over their laughing over it and criticising me for it, and I have quit the game too.

    Do better.

  • te fuiste de paseo contra un barbaro muy grande, tu tropa no alcanzaba a vencerlo y perdiste la batalla.

    Cuando paseas debes hacerlo atacando un bárbaro pequeño acorde a tus tropas o bien espiando un barbaros nivel 1