• I definitely agree that the In-Game Chat could and should be moderated by a select few people who can be trusted with that kind of responsibility. Since the team for this game is currently small, especially. I have noticed overly-aggressive people as well both on these forums and in-game, which is not good for a game in it's infancy like this one.

    I know a couple people who I think have definitely aroused some of the aggression. I won't name them, but I'm sure we all know who they are.

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  • I have been vocal on both the game and the forums. At no point in any of my conversations do i think i have been abusive or Have i upset anyone. This is a pvp war game. and with it will come war banter. Once it doesn't become personal or abusive , i don't think that there is any reason for anyone to change rules of the forums or the game regarding BANTER between enemies in game.

  • I have not monitored the global chat that much but recently it has been overboard IMHO and it is NOT directed at any one particular player BUT what has been noticeable is that some players have decided to not attack the person doing the banter in-game but resorting to attacking the lower ranked players in that Alliance who have not even been part of the banter and thereby upsetting them and leading to intra Alliance conflict. Some might say if you cannot stand the heat in the kitchen then .... but as many have pointed out and you Hoggel have been one of who has said this the server and the gae is far too young for this kind of weakening of the player base.

  • Sadly if an enemy Tribe finds a weakness they will abuse it and Gain what they can from it. There is an old saying " all is fair in love and war " I agree with your Ideas and think that there is no need for hostilities. But as i have said. some people get passionate about the game they play. Some want the game to grow and evolve and others just want to play and Fight. Problem is they are both right in their own right. The game is a pvp game . and it is young. Hopefully the update will change some of the mechanics so that smaller players don't have to run for cover when tribes go to war.

  • Well I think a possible solution is for eaach Alliance to have a sub Alliance and the Alliance leaders encourage the not so active players / weaker players to jin the sub Alliance. Of course say for example the sub Alliance in youe Alliance's cse is called TENOC 2 or somthing like that then an opponent is as likely to attack players in that Alliance so defeating the purpose of using this feature. In similar games I have played the 'banter' has been far worse believe me and spit over to Facebook and so on but generally the ADMINS have been quite strict and only allowed banter in so called WAR threads where one posts one's victories.

  • Sister alliances or training alliances in my experience never work. Either the players in the smaller tribe feel left out or unequal or they rise up and want more and take from the tribe that created / helped them grow . Tenoc wont be Splitting our tribe. I prefer the smaller / new players are in with the bigger Experienced players. That way they can learn from each other. But thats my preference. As for the Banter. Some people might take offence to things that others might find amusing. Its hard to judge what is abuse and banter some times :)

  • On the whole I agre with you on both points. I think the issue e banter is that where there are payers whose first Language is not English something said in jest can get easily misunderstood and lead to unnecessary aggravation. And yes sub Alliances if called Training Alliances dont tend to work as people fel insulted. That said one could still have such a thing but have all Alliances membes in a FB group or skype group or some such thing so they do get inclided in all that is happening

  • Banter, war and the like are fine.
    It's when issues like the one going on with El Draque go on that it becomes that of a personal nature. Frankly, he is way too aggressive and tries to troll players directly.

    Using Memes and the like to target a player and attempt to troll them is what I would consider personal, unless otherwise stated by the OP. That doesn't seem to be the case with El Draque, though. The rest of his Tribe doesn't act like he does.

    "Intelligence without ambition, is like a bird without wings" ~Salvador Dali