online status.

  • Is there a possibility of removing the online status in game. It makes it too easy for activities to be watched. While it is a great tool for internal tribe stuff. Its just too easy to use it against players when they are offline. Either this or an alert in game in tribe to let all tribe members know when and where a fellow tribe member is being attacked. ........... having an activity meter in the game so easily accessible by anyone is a really bad idea. :)

  • This feature in standard in many games like this. So I am not sure if it will be changed. MInd you I did not check if I can see if another player is online or not. I just tried to check in-game and I am none the wiser lol s to how one 'sees' if another player is online or not

  • If you are part of a tribe you can see when members are online and offline. Which means if you have an alt account or a friend that is willing to join an enemy tribe you can us it to see when players are online and offline. This feature is in a lot of games i agree but it also accompanied with mechanics like being able to see incoming attacks on fellow members. Or the option to crypt / hide your troops when offline.

  • This point has been brought up multiples times in the different territories Tentlan is running, and we certainly understand the concerns. We are thinking of adding a "trusted member" status that may be granted on a member by member basis in order not have online status in plain sight to anyone in the tribe, but still have the option for some of the members. I can't promise anything as of yet but rest assured we are aware of this issue.