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    Hello all,

    New to the game and so far enjoying it :)

    I do a lot of coding and tech stuff so my eyes are kinda hard coded to see a lot good or bad w/ games and other systems.

    Few things I noted that I think would increase your membership increase rate and make life easier would be the follow:

    1. Add SSO (Single Sing On) to registration and login process. I almost never bother to sign up for games anymore less thats there and I almost skipped on joining this game.
    2. Spruce up the welcome emails / notifications. A blob of text is often hard to read and understand proper.
    3. Sync Forum and Game user accounts so you dont have to register 2
    4. Put a button some place "Click here to Make Shortcut of this game on your desktop"... to easy to forget what site it is a game comes from at times be easier to have a nice little desktop shortcut that takes ya back to the site to login quickly.
    5. If you choose an avatar in game before the mission to do so it doesn't realize you made the choice already like. You are forced to change it again. In other missions if you build something before you should it just says you completed the mission click to complete.
    6. After a mission I would say click to collect reward. feeling like your getting constant rewards helps keep attention rates higher :)
    7. Add very light in game animations - clouds moving, shadows changing based on sun, weather changes, little people sometimes walking around between buildings.
    8. Change your name mission bugged out bad on me and kept trying to repeat even after completing.
    9. when clicking on your avatar you get your in game profile. be nice to see more stats how much ore produced to date, how much corn, city population, in game age, playing for how long (sign up date + how many days/weeks/months/years played)
    10. if you max out your q. for building or research and you get the pop up that warns you reached limit be nice to have a timer/countdown that shows off how much time till next slot frees up for use.
    11. Closing the windows for missions and status screens are hard to close when using touch screen. Add padding around X buttons.
    12. the power button looking icon on upper right in game should have some hover over text to tell better why one would click

    That's it for my ramblings for now. :) I hope at least some of that helps you guys ever grow and improve :) Games are not easy they take time and a lot of effort. \

    -- Respect!!
    MasterK 8)