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    AS M0H0 has explained above the most likely thing is that they got used when you built your Quetzal Palace. To build a level 1 Q Palace you need 4 amber stones. So if you had accumulated 6 then you would have had to use 4 to build the Q Palace

    Very well put TerraG.

    To any extent that I contributed to being a RULE hound (which I am not) I apologise to the community at large.

    I will re-iterate though that if the forum was better and more actively moderated some of this would have been nipped in the bud.

    So in many ways much of the fault lies with the DEVS.

    IF the DEVS are annoyed that some players are being nuisances and so not responding to them when private messages have been sent to them then may I point out that we are their CUSTOMERS! I work where I am in a Customer Service environment and however angry or upset our Customers get it is my job to not get angry in return with them but to try and sort the problem out. Of course at the same time I will not criticise my own work colleagues, as, if the problem is internal then it needs to be sorted internally and the issue not aired in public.

    This forum needs a moderator who is at least available 12 hours per day.

    Very very cool.

    I have bee working on a similar one and had asked DEVS for some more information but without that it is very hard to do.

    I hope the DEVS will see what ou hve done and agree to provide you with the information needed to complete a good Technology Tree wich is definitely needed for the game.

    All you have to do is to click the name Zexa and you will see it is active.

    Unlike you I don't feel the need to report people for the slightest thing.

    Personally I don't think having multiple log ins on a forum is a bannable offense per se.

    The issue that needs addressing is why one feels the need to do this.

    For the record:

    In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into .

    What I have said is that your actions when you (for reasons best known to yourself) post on threads directed at the DEVS that does constitute trolling as you ae NOT a DEV and when asked not to reply on that thread by the original poster you keep doing so. That IS by definition TROLLING.

    TROLLING is what you are doing. That is NOT an insult that is a fact.

    If this Forum Board was better moderated this TROLLING would have not been permitted by any half decent Moderator.

    You are the ONLY person who is feeling the need to post in every thread started by someone else and not even addressed to the forum community however small in general.

    The BOARD RULES which I have stated above are very very clear.

    We only have your word that this conversations you now post ever took place.

    If the conversationd concerned took place then the support team should have done as they claim in the following statement:

    "The support team reserves the right to adjust the board rules at any time
    whenever this be deemed necessary (in which case the community will be
    informed about the changes)".

    Also as a party mentioned in your correspondence as you have "quoted"

    "So, to reiterate, our position here is merely that of avoiding public inflammatory discussion
    in the community. If there is something regarding Foxy and/or TaneMahuta
    in-game behaviour that you believe to be against the rules, let us talk
    about that privately as we always do when it comes to this kind of

    I am amazed I was not told about this even if in private which is as it should have been.

    Personally I have not issue with the Foxy account per se but it is what has been said using that account that I have an issue with especially on the forum. Using different names 'in-game' is fine as subterfuge is part of 'in-game' actibvities but to use multiple names in a forum needs to ahve a reason.

    It is worth also noting that when you played on UXMAL as Xinx you posed on this forum as Zexa and the Zexa account is still there.

    I do question the need for the FOXY account.

    Before I get warned for discusssing this publicly may I point out that I never mentioned names and I have good reason to believe there is one other person who is logging onto this forum under a second name.

    The following is said in the Board Rules as posted by M0H0.

    Board Rules


    The objective of these rules is by no means to impose a kind of
    "dictatorship" in the community of Tentlan. However, the rules are
    necessary to make sure that all users treat each other with respect when
    communicating on this site.

    Each time you participate in discussions on this board, you shall accept and comply with these rules.

    The support team reserves the right to adjust the board rules at any time
    whenever this be deemed necessary (in which case the community will be
    informed about the changes).

    In the case of a non-compliance with the board rules, it is the support team who is to decide upon the
    sanctions. Depending on the severity of each particular case, it may cause a permanent ban in extreme cases.

    Terms and Conditions
    (T&C) of Lionmoon UG shall apply for the use of this board. In case
    of a contradiction between T&C and the board rules, the provisions
    of T&C shall prevail.

    General Rule


    Registering multiple accounts (multi-accounts) on the board by the same user is not permitted.
    Violation of this rule will result in a permanent ban of such accounts.
    If you want to delete or make changes in your account, contact the
    support team/board administrator.

    But the above has happened in at least one case maybe even two.

    But no sanctions have been imposed.

    Nor as it says in the following:

    "The support team reserves the right to adjust the board rules at any time
    whenever this be deemed necessary (in which case the community will be
    informed about the changes)".

    has the 'SUPPORT TEAM' advised us that the rules have been adjusted.

    So how come some players are allowed to blatantly break the above rules?

    I think the word you are looking for Lone Wolf is 'TROLLING' ( I am not shouting).
    But don't hold your breath for the DEVS to do anything anytime soon as they seem otherwise occupied. M0H0 has said as much on another thread and GAVIOTTA is AWOL. She has been AWOL as of last Wednesday it would seem.

    That said if you email support via the email link one is getting a response within a more acceptable time.

    I emailed support to point out that the BETA Server was 'down' and got a response within 24 hours.

    You make a very good point Lone Wolf.

    In Real Life one can see an attacking force however strong from one's watchtower once they are near.

    So really the statement "In order to see the details of incoming troops, your watchtower shouldn't be more than 2 levels below the opponent's espionage level" makes little sense.

    What might make more sense is for the difference between the watchtower level of the defender
    and the espionage level of the attacker having an impact on how soon a defender can see the the attack. But for this to have any effect then the attack times will have to change. As it stands unless the attacker is attacking from a long way away an attack lands relatively quickly. THis can only change if either the travel speeds of the warriors were changed or else if the time to get from one set of co-ordinates to another was made a bit longer or else a combination of both.

    MIdnight it has ever happened to me but I did hear someone say that it happened to them but I am not sure which server it was on.

    What I would suggest is sending a message to Support by clicking the SUPPORT tab on this forum which is the rightmost TAB on the top next to FORUM / MEMBERS / SUPPORT and then tell them which server or servers it happened on and they should be able to check your playing history and tell you what happened to your amber stones. You have to give them the email address you used to join the server in question and the reply you get will be to your email.

    No you can go on Vacation and never come back to the game.
    A player in our Tribe on the MAYAPAN Server was inactive for over a month but his V mode status did not expire.

    Eventually his account was deleted but I dont think he could ever get attacked as he did not revoke his V mode.

    This is ONE way to leave the game without getting attacked.

    I know in other games similar to this players have suggested that once a player goes inactive while in V mode the V mode should be revoked and that player should be able to be attacked. That is something to ask the DEVS about or request that they implement this.


    Cities ofr inactive ( inactive as considered bt the game that is players who have not logged into their accounts in a certain (?) amount of days) players are greyed.

    If a player is on Vacation it says so if you hover over their City.
    If a player is in P (Protection) then I dont think you can see that unless you try and spy on them or try to attack them. I can be corrected on this.

    Hi TaneMahuta,

    You have been hostile to me on numerous occasions and you have been sanctioned for these (as you have admitted in public). One only has to look at the difference between your comments and mine on this forum, for example. I have a multitude of wonderful friends, none of whom you know. I have a social life outside the game. The more you make derogatory comments about me, the more you demonstrate your hostility. I will not lower myself to that status. There are plenty of things I could have publicised about your personal/private life but have never remotely considered doing so. This is my last comment on this matter as you appear to be unable to restrain yourself.

    I have never been hostile toward you on this forum before you started to butt into every thread I posted.

    You dont know me outside the game so how you know ANYTHING about my personal life is beyond me.

    I have not publicised anything about YOUR personal life on here at all and nor would I say I know anything about it bar what you choose to reveal on global chat.

    If I were like you I would go pointing fingers to the DEVS about your post which is inflammatory.

    But I am NOT SMALL MINDED like you.

    Again may I re-iterate that if this forum was better moderated with DEVS around more often this kind of ongoing chat would have long been dealt with.

    Hi Grimm,

    (5) I am pleased to hear that other games you have played have not needed to make a ruling about multiple spy/attack missions. Had the player concerned in this game not taken the extreme action he/she did, this situation would not have happened. The rules are there to benefit every player.

    The issue with the above is that there is currently NO rule to say what is allowed and not allowed.

    That is at the HEART of the problem!!

    It has been well over an hour since this thread was started the DEVS have been about but the RULES have not been amended.

    That said as has been stated (by me) previously if players have been warned in private then they should desist from such actions.

    Equally if players were warned previous to this post then the DEVS have had ample time to have updated the RULES!!!

    The fact that this game is basically run by two people does NOT help at all not to mention the fact they have to keep an eye on at least 3 other language forums and maybe 12 other game servers 3 of each language

    Yes guys until such time as some serious upgrades that need doing are done other possibilies exist.

    We could have say a Christmas 'event'. Say for example the 'event' is to attack say a level 6 Barb camp and win and the first player to do this gets say so many warriors of some type they have done the research to have.

    This wont stop players attacking others but this kind of thing could rejuvenate MAYAPAN and UXMAL at the least. Of course in MAYAPAN some of can take out a LVL6 Barb camp but not lvl 7 so one would have to be aware of that also.