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    Yes I admit to being a spy, with one account which is breaking no rules.

    As for my message it is about your tribe making the game pointless. That's the whole point of this thread. Or did you not bother to read the first post?

    Of course.Other tribes play farm this so much sense.

    Only it's not that.I said that offended you,and you avoided the answer

    He has? It's no insult to me, especially after how your alliance speaks. Trust me, if I'd come out with sexist comments against men I would probably have been banned. If I had said "men with half a brain are gifted" or something along those lines, then maybe someone might give a little more than a warning about sexism. Most moderators etc are men, on most games, not just tentlan. If they were so constantly insulted because of your sex I wonder if the people saying these things would get more than a few warnings. Trust me, I was in these peoples alliance. It was scarce to see a single insult without a dig at women (yet they knew I was there, I'd hate to see what they say when no girls are around!). And glad to see it hasn't stopped. Warnings clearly aren't working.

    To the subject of your message does not have any relationship.I meant that you sat in our tribe as a spy.If this offended you,then that's your problem.

    I never denied,but that's why I was banned.So this conversation is a waste of time.

    In my opinion it is not against the rules to have people loyal to a different tribe spying in another tribe. Spying is part of war. Its a dirty trick. But when was war ever all about honor. It is how ever against the rules to use alts to do it.

    Tell that to Ciara.

    Again ask support all you want but Ciara is my gf who lives in Dublin, I live in Wicklow 30 minutes away by car you want addresses too and some bank codes? Grow up and learn to play with some honour you cheat and that proves your worth

    Who cares who she is.She gave you all the information,correspondence,online.What's the difference between me and her??

    What we see in this thread,on the facts described a little bit of a problem of the game.And again a bunch of whining,calling us cheaters.Insults.Whining about my return.Yes you are pathetic mate.

    My mind immediately came example.When in World of Tanks a good player called a cheater just because he is a good player..