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    I like the idea of being able to narrow down what you get from the wheel by choosing what to sacrifice, but I think it would be nice if you could choose specifically when and where boosts would activate . . .

    For example, if your population is at maximum and you got (randomly) the Yaxa spell, it wouldn't do anything.
    But, if the Yaxa spell were temporarily "stored" so that you could activate it when you want (and maybe in the city you want?), the bonus wouldn't be wasted. (I'm thinking bonuses could be stored maybe in the moon temple, or next to your profile picture like the blessings, or in the shop menu, or in the Tzolkin menu, or somewhere else)

    While this would probably be difficult to do, I think it would be nice to have it so that you can always use/benefit from what you get from the Tzolkin wheel. But that's just my opinion (and I don't even use the Tzolkin wheel).

    From reading the post, I gather that:
    1. Barbarian villages won't have levels--their troops, resources, researches, and buildings will be randomly generated; and

    2. You can get Amazons and Nahuals by defeating barbarians that have them:

    some may even host Nahuals and Amazon Warriors for you to fetch

    Now, does that mean that the attacked player would get back the same amount of resources after the cancel as if they had cancelled the wall upgrade manually? Or would they get nothing back?

    Example: suppose cancelling wall upgrade to level 21 after 1 hour gives back 100,000 cacao . . . if the player is attacked and the wall drops 1 hour after the player started the upgrade, do they get back 100,00 cacao?

    Also: if the automatic cancel of the upgrade does give back resources, are those resources given back before or after the attacker plunders the city (can the attacker take the resources returned from the cancellation of the wall upgrade, during that attack)?


    - I have a troop outside of my city, and I wish to activate the Fire Feast. Would its effects apply to that troop as well?

    Yes. If you have a troop that is already outside of your city, and then you activate the Fire Feast, its effects (+100% strength) will apply to all troops originating from the same city where the Fire Feast is active. It is not important when you've sent off your troops, what counts is the city from which the troop has been sent: it must be the same city so that the Fire Feast effects would apply.

    It sounds like you would need to begin the Fire Feast so that it is active when your troops arrive. But remember, it takes time for the ritual (that begins the feast) to finish, so account for that when timing your feast and attack.

    About the lightning feast, I know nothing. However, I do know that you can only have one feast active at a time.

    A strategy for supplying new cities (cities with market below level 5) with resources recently popped into my head, and I want to make sure that it is legal/it doesn't violate any rules.
    Here's the strategy:
    1. Send resources to an inactive player (with a market level 5 at least and preferably no wall) that is close to your new city.
    2. Raid the inactive city with the polom / pochteca that you sent on the colonize mission and you get the resources in your new city.
    3. Repeat until the new city has market level 5 or you have as many resources as you need.

    Since this is kind of a way to "cheat" the market level 5 rule, I was wondering if this violated any game rules (like pushing?) and if it would be legal or not.


    It's just description that is there to add detail to the game; Jaguar Warriors don't need to capture 20 enemies to become effective. Once you recruit a Jaguar Warrior, it will behave just like your other units (except that it will be stronger).

    Also, this is the Spanish Area--I think this thread should be in the English or International areas instead.

    I like the idea of an Alarm Signal Tower, but I have a few questions:
    1. Would it be activated every time you are attacked, or only if you are online and you manually activate it?
    2. If another attack is sent towards you after you set the alarm but while the alarm is still activated, would your selected allies also get information about the newer attack?
    3. Would there be a way to "block" someone to prevent them from sending you lots of attack notifications? (Like if there are several people in your tribe and each person has a few attacks incoming, your "Actions" could become really cluttered)
    4. Looking at the costs per alarm and the building requirements, this seems to be a later-game building . . . is it not meant for smaller players? (It seems to me that this would be the last building that any player would construct in their city)

    I like this idea, and I wonder what you would think about also seeing the outgoing attacks of your allies (to make it easier coordinating multiple attacks on different cities so that they land at the same time)

    Also, do you think that because the tower would be built on the wall it should have a small wall level requirement (like the watchtower)? ;)

    Right after the most recent update (Eagle Warriors switch sides), all images in the tribal chat have disappeared: instead of showing the image, they show a hyperlink.


    !Alternate text when it should show

    Currently, I think there is an edge to the map; you can't scroll to lower than 1 or greater than 1000.

    Also, your cities and the cities belonging to members of your tribe look different:

    Your Cities: Allied Cities: Other Cities:

    However, I also think it would be somewhat helpful if the cities of enemy/friendly tribes were also displayed differently.