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    No it was not a war server which is why we asked for opinions from others. The situation is over and the Tentlan team gave a warning so it will not occur again. Some people are upset and i am totally over it.
    Thank you all for your input it has been helpful--it is not a pleasant thing to have to report players but sometimes it has to happen ---just to clarify a rule.
    I hope the subject can be closed now .

    Thank you for that -we usually follow that strategy but these were rolling attacks which meant the next one was arriving as each last one finished and it left no time to play the game at all That is why we thought it needed discussed ----perhaps a limit as to how many attacks allowed in an hour? or a compulsory break between attacks of at least 20 minutes?

    The problem here was not attacks by the higher level of any of the players we all get that at some time in the game -I have been close to wipe out several times but you rebuild and become more strategic. It is not to anyone's benefit to point fingers and say they were mean first or who did what to whom --it is a game not a court case.

    The problem was the fact that the number of unceasing attacks stopped the players from playing the game. The frequency was such that even Vacation could not be used. To start with it was more normal --like an hour or so of attacks and strategically effective, but over time this grew completely out of control
    This was not a "one off" or a new problem it just got over the top.

    This is a core rule for Tentlan that game play must be able to proceed so we put a case to support, they checked the data and chose the consequences.

    I would like to be able to reward my best players in my tribe ----could it be possible to buy and :?: gift a few crystals within a tribe?

    My tribe members are being bullied ----nearly 200 attacks in 5 hours for ONE person and this after a week of 40 or 50 attacks a day. She tried support and they said there is no limit to the number of attacks anymore ---but I think this has created a bully mentality. What do you think? =O

    My tribe members are being bullied ----nearly 200 attacks in 5 hours for ONE person and this after a week of 40 or 50 attacks a day. She tried support and they said there is no limit to the number of attacks anymore ---but I think this has created a bully mentality. What do you think?

    MOHO I use Chrome and have a windows 10 PC --other members of the tribe have various setups but many complain of lag with the tables used in Simulator and for moving goods and troops which is a real problem if you are trying to evade an attack and you have to close the pop up before you can change numbers..We are from all over the globe so there is no geographical commonality.

    1. If a city is inactive it cannot be mined if the owner went on vacation or had banned attached to the city -----some have ALL 3 categories which is confusing and annoying ---can these things be prioritised in some way so they drop off after time and the city becomes just plain INACTIVE?

    2. The same problem with undergoround storage -if a city has been inactive for a certain length of time can the protection of the underground cave please be dropped this would not only free up the resources but would stop newbies wasting time and corn attacking them for resources that are unachievable.

    I hope these ideas are useful. :D:D:D

    Another thing that creates a problem on the simulator is the lag before it refreshes to the new total once you have made changes. I quite often find that I have to refresh the game between each use of the sim --very time consuming. The slow refresh rate is also a problem when trying to walk your troops --if you have to cancel a work order for something you have to cancel right out of troops and then start again from scratch --very time consuming if you are trying to hurry because attackers are approaching. The lack of finesse in these mechanisms detracts from the game.

    I use the sim a lot but get so tired of having to enter and reenter the numbers all the time so would like to suggest:
    1: That clicking the box brings up the number of that unit you have available in the current city and the you can raise or lower that total as required
    2. That there be an option to SAVE a sim result that you like or want to work on later

    As a tribal leader I try to encourage my people to use the sim but many tire of it early in its current structure

    Tzuzizu ||

    Often the Vacation mode will not begin even after I have checked all citys troops, resources etc to make sure nothing is still working. Sometimes if I leave it 10 min or so it will come right but other times hours and hours of sitting there defenceless waiting to go on Vacation. I check and double check and then check again ---very frustrating and I know through discussions I am not the only one having problems.
    So PLEASE TENTLAN if there is something still working would you TELL US where and what it is!! or fix the problem.

    I have 4 servers waiting to go on vacation so I can move house.

    I wondered if the drop own city list could be made so we can sort our cities on it by how we have them grouped or placed rather than just by the order they were created. THe MAIN could still be identified by caps or Bold to avoid confusion.

    Personally I would find this very useful when strategising. :thumbup:

    Thanks but no my counters have never got that high ------but they do seem to have begun working again so the problem is solved apart from the fact that i missed out on so many ambers -must have been close to 10 days.

    And i will have to watch very very closely in case it happens again

    Ever since the jewel collection ended my game has not been giving me any amber for attacking barbarians. Anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it?

    I have purchased a few but cant afford to do that again. the problem may have started sooner than I mentioned but I only noticed it recently before that i was focussing on the "pretties" lol

    Each new server seems to have fewer and fewer barbarians around and we are finding it necessary to go up to 20 or 30 minutes just to do a barbarian raid.Thats a long time for very little reward if you are still just hunting lower levels ---come on all we want is a fair go! <X;(:(

    Hi The description of "settlers" says they help in choosing the best locations for your new cities --but as the city goes where we click is this accurate?

    can anyone tell me how the settlers influence choice? Is it the number you have? or is it just a bit misleading?