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    I hope Tentlant team will react as a grown up and responsible person, who not just fixes the problem, but corrects all the consequences of his actions, including refunding the destroyed troops to every player who lost them because of the bug.

    By the way, when Erszi-fix (from your tribe) send me 50 or more espionages doesn't look like you were having any problems.

    May be you should chack your internet conection. Just a suggestion.

    It won't be as bad as you think. Now we play on a Standart server. The speed is: base speed X 2. Next week we will play on a Speed server where the speed is: base speed X 6. It means that the new server will be just 3 times faster, not 6.

    For example: From where my cities are, to the other end of the map, my army goes and comes back for 28 hours. On the next server, it will need a littel bit more then 9 hours.

    The popcorn won't be a problem aither. Your corn farm will produse 3 times more. If now you have 10b, on the Speed server you will have 30b.

    At least I hope so ;)

    - Each building level gives 10 points;
    - each research level - 10 points;
    - each unit (incl. damaged units) - 1 point;
    - cities: each new city gives 100 points.

    Also, the amount of resources spent on buildings/research/units give further points (population and time not counted in):

    - 1,000 limestone - 1 point;
    - 715 obsidian - 1 point;
    - 500 cacao - 1 point;
    - 2,500 corn - 1 point.

    Have you ever consider to put an opption to mute the chat, especially the tribe's one. I'm not interested of 90% of the conversations (and the drama), but I open it, because it is much more annoying to see the number of messages.

    You changed strong player protection factor, but forgot to tell us, or there is some other problem with the server?

    I was just hoping that you will find a way to make the announce to stay, when we click on it, so we can use "copy, print, google translate", but your answer is much better. Thank you! :)

    Small change in weekend events great X( , now there won't be any old information about the events, so we won't be able to complane. We will not have way to prove what we are saying.
    And by the way, when you click on the announce it disappears. So it is impossible to use google translate. I hope you did not forger that English is an international language, but not all of us speak it.

    “In April 2th, everyone whether from Germany or Bulgaria got the extra +15% Cacao day, even though the Easter holidays are not universal.” And even though part of your players had to go to work (because there was no holiday) and the other part were not working and have more time to play.
    And about the system it is really easy – MAKE THE RULES AND FOLLOW THEM WHITHOUT ANY EXAPTIONS!
    After all, if Tentlan Team can not follow his own rules, about something as simple as events, why the players should play by the rules? O, I remember why ! Because we will be punished.

    In December there was a Christmas Truce 2017. It was from 24.12. 18:00 (CET) to 26.12. 18:00…624-Christmas-Truce-2017/ , but there was no Christmas Truce for those who celebrate Christmas on 6th of January (like Russians)

    Now, during the Easter, the event was a day longer. We had +15% Cocoa and it started from Friday 30.03 00:01 (CEST) to Monday 02.04 23:59 Weekend event: +15% Cacao . But again you have done nothing for those who celebrate Easter on 9th of April (Russians, Bulgarians, Romanians and so on). The Event was as long as usual Weekend event: Strength/Stamina boost for Atlatls and Eagles .

    And what about players from Turkey? Are there any events when they have a religious celebrations?

    Having 15 international servers on which you officially support some of the players makes me feel… unsure. Are we all wellcome to play here?