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    Thank you Keshaan, I like your suggestions and agree with some of them. The turquiose are a big expenditure that some of us do not have, which is why we play free games. It is also the way that most players move up so quickly.
    Moho, I thank you for the response and do hope that you can find a way to help balance these issues for the future of Tentlan. I am currently bringing my time in Tentlan to a close. It was fun for the most part. I wish you well.

    I forgot to list the tribal leaderboard (as complete proof).
    #1 128,329,432...#2 42,841,701...#3 22,775,116...#4 12,810,707...#5 7,692,008...#6 5,306,490
    the saddest fact is that tribe #5 is all the inactives of tribe #2 and #6 is the inactives of tribe #3. Tribes #7-12 are a mixture of mostly inactive players with about 2 - 5 players in each.
    The most players online at any given time now is 9, and usually more like 4 online. You see how the server is almost dead at 9 months old? I do not see it alive to reach it's 1st birthday.

    I started playing Tentlan on STEAM in July 2018 (shortly after it opened) and watched it grow quickly. The credit card warriors were already making their mark on the server. There was one particular player and tribe that spent most of their time in general chat complaining about and giving lots of grief to those CC warriors. It continued for a couple of months until the CC warriors got tired of hearing (dealing with) the complaints and quit the game. That tribe then moved up 2 spaces on the leaderboard as they wiped out the cities of those warriors and their tribe. The tribe had been riding on the coattails of those CC warriors and were really defenseless because they had depended on their big guys to protect them and did not really learn how to play the game. Their tribe withered and has been slowly disappearing from the board as other tribes get stronger. A few months later, as the tribes settle into a few "wars of domination", a few new players joined the server and were using credit cards to build great empires quickly. They joined the tribe that had been the most vocal about "credit card warriors" and everyone seemed to be happy. When we mentioned that credit card warriors were once again destroying the game for the rest of us, WE were accused of being "sore losers". It is funny that the very player that spent so much time criticizing the CC warriors has admitted in general chat that she also uses her credit card, and she has allowed the current credit card warriors to carry her tribe up to the top in a matter of weeks, where they continue to dominate as the other players and tribes quit the game. Now it is April and Xlapak is 9 months old. a look at the leaderboard will tell you how sad it is and that it is dying a slow death. Players #1 is 62,384,908...#2 is 19,096,898...#3 is 18,070,404...#4 is 12,179,556...#5 is 11,969,255...#6 is 11,373,137..... can you see the credit card warrior that continues to play? :(
    I have read so many complaints about dying servers on the Forum and I agree with most everyone that the credit card warriors are destroying the game for all of us. It is sad that this happens to almost every game I have played. I understand that the developers need to make a profit off of their work to create these games, but there needs to be a way for them to "reign in" the credit card warriors, in order to preserve some integrity for their games. Sadly, I do not see this happening with Tentlan. They just continue to create more servers, and different types of servers (faster builds, peace, stronger barbs, etc) instead of dealing with the issue of paying customers getting the biggest advantages in the game and ruining it for everyone else. I am very disappointed in the lack of discussion by the developers in this forum. It appears that they do not care that their servers are dying and only want to merge these dying servers to watch them die as well. I will not be playing this game much longer since it has become just a glorified version of Farmville.
    I started playing because I am a history nut and I wanted the chance to create a Mayan city and play in a "Mayan environment". It was fun for a while but has now lost all its charm. I apologize for the length of this post. I just needed to vent some frustration and hope that the developers eventually figure out what has killed their game, before they go bust as a company. Good luck to you all and may the gods of providence continue to bless you and your empires.

    As I prepare to build a new city, I save 2 barb attacks for that day. Then I send 1pochteca (carries 10K resources) and 5 bowmen with my settler. Once the Sun Temple is built, I start with corn, cacao, stone & obsidian (in that order). The bowmen can attack barbs while I am upgrading the resources & building the market. Once everything is at lvl 2, I upgrade the Sun Temple to get the population growing & continue the upgrading. When I get it all up to lvl 5, I can then send in resources from elsewhere. It will take a life of its own at this point and I can then get back to the other cities.

    yes, the roullette wheel (Tzolkin Wheel) is a big waste of Amber Stones. It is nice to get the extra bonuses from the wheel, but if you want to build an empire of many cities ~ you will need those amber stones to upgrade your Quetzal Palace and build those cities.

    Hi Wyrda, I agree that is not good for the game, but some people realize that they do not want to play this type of game and will let a big loss be the reason they quit. Sad, but it happens very often. Good luck with your empire.

    What server are you on? I am on Xlapak - through STEAM.

    each server has different special events happening on a regular basis. Watch for any specials on your server. the 5 Daily barbarian attacks can give you 1 free amber stone, you just have to hit a village that has not already been hit. This is how I get amber stones, until a special event happens. Good luck

    Thank you Moho. I appreciate this info.
    Moho, I play through STEAM and my server info does not work with the link you provided. Is there a different way to get into the chatlog site?

    Is there a way to see the chat logs after they leave the screen? And is there a way to make copies of the chatlogs? I ask because someone just threw a copy of the chatlogs at me from 2 weeks ago? How is this possible?

    If I may ask, what server are you on? I am hoping it is not mine because this is getting out of hand, and it saddens me that the game gets this intense. Unless it is a War Server, then I will quietly leave the room. Thank you.

    It is 3 years later and all the notifications are still piled up in the same "box" and it is still confusing to figure out what researches are going on and what troops are being trained. It took a few days to realize that each city has its own notifications, but combined with that are the attacks & spy missions. Is it possible to get these things color coded to make it easier to distinguish them from all the notes? Also, the messages are still jumbled up... personal letters are mixed in with war reports/spy reports. Yes, it is very annoying. Is this something that can be done?

    So as I think I had requested elsewhere it would be good to have a TABLE that lists the pre requisites for any task and how many lvls of each task or how much of each type of rez is needed to accomplish this task

    To add to Tane's would be good to have a Calendar (for lack of a better word) for the Seasons - to show which buildings need what season, which troops get trained in what season, which season is needed for different researches, and the pros/cons of each season in respect to bonuses for anything, and the differences in War - how each season affects your war effort? These would be so very helpful. Thanks for listening.

    I wonder if Moho or Gaviotta can explain the 1 - 1 exchange rate and why it was so off? I was trying to exchange 175K stone for 175K cacao, and it would only trade 70K? I do not understand that?? Please help? Thanks

    P.S. Is the trader working from THEIR perspective, or ours? Meaning they want to trade at 2.5 for every 1 of ours, or are they wanting us to give 2.5 for every 1 of theirs? That is probably what I should understand most. :)

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH, CARLOS!! That is how I was thinking it was to work. I needed 175,000 Cacao - the exchange rate is 1. So, I put in 175,ooo stone to exchange, 1 - 1 The trader only wanted to give me 70,000 cacao? Why wasn't it 1 - 1 ?? That is what baffled me!! I dint do the trade, obviously...but I needed an explanation. Now, how do I get a confirmation from the devs on what the One - One really means? The other trades seem to work correctly, as I have traded on the 2.5 & 1.6 without problems. Oh bother (as Pooh would say)!!