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    Did you know that you can double-click on either "Attacker" or "Defender" at the top of the battle simulator screen and it inputs your troops in the currently selected city?

    It also works for buildings.

    There are ways to solve that problem, like for instance greying out players on the highscore that are inactive, on vacation, in attack protection, etc.. Or introduce filters so you can choose yourself who you want to see on the list.

    Well that went exactly as we predicted. Complete domination by 1 tribe and nothing to do anymore:
    On the first page of the highscore we have 7 active players from the dominating tribe. The rest from other tribes are 2 inactives, 1 in constant vacation, 1 in constant attack protection and 1 active player.

    How come the Tentlan didn't pick up on this?

    So, when is this merge coming?

    I subscribe to the idea of erasing the inactive players and tribes but to do it from the high score lists!

    It's not relevant for the active players and tribes to be put all-together in the same lists!
    In my opinion the high score should have only the active players and tribes to be compared to.
    Unfortunately, there are a lot of tribes with few members, most of them up to 5-6 players max, and it's confusing when looking for "active" players in the high score list to join in one's tribe.

    Great idea! Inactive players shouldn't be on the high-score.

    I think most ppl in this thread are low lvl players since they seem to think you don't get anything out of attacking a player 10x lower than yourself.

    Think of a high lvl player with 20 mill points. He can get several millions of ressources out of attacking a 2 mill point player and it is definitely worth the reward.

    A limitation of this kind at the high lvl would kill off the high end game since there are much less ppl to attack when you are high lvl. A limitation of 2x would mean I could only attack 10 players in the entire game, some of which are my own tribe members.

    If you were constantly attacked on a normal server then it must be from someone who is of similar strength or weaker than you. In that case you should be able to defend yourself or better yet get your tribe to help you.

    There is no limit to how often you can attack someone (unless you are attacking a weaker player) and honestly it is so easy for a defender to avoid attacks by just walking the troops.