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    You miss my point. I do not argue dependency . I argue culture and ethics stem from the chief/leader . A tribe that does not have a chief either works amazingly well or is anarchy .

    Some of us are not yet as good as you . We are still learning . Please tell us what makes a good team ?

    why bring your poor mother into this ? for all you know she may be in our tribe :/:whistling:

    thank you for offer to join. my leader is a great leader and leads by example . we are rank 3 . we will stay and prosper to the end of the world [ and then back] . :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: ok its not about coins or buying success . thats life . unfair or not. i do not say the word unfair because that is a sad complaining word . ;(

    what i say is that if you have to do :evil: "dark arts" :evil:to win a fun free game then you have lost it and your reputation in the game . All we have is our reputation . You do not need to do darkness . You could try to win this world properly and then be able to take honour from the rest of us. now you are scorned by all the tribes <X

    The members of the tribe who support such leadership will also have their reputation stained . Your tribe are not even the top tribe. The more you go down wrong path, the weaker you actually become . your chief is not loyal to you . his morals are interested in using you . thats totally different .


    my first post so please do not be too hard on me as i am trying to understand . I welcome comments from all servers international and english .

    I want to start with that i do not complain about players using $$$ to play the game . The Devs must earn a living . Also in real life the rich are ahead of the poor . So nothing to complain about . I also do not say names in this post .

    The issue is what is a good chief of a tribe and what is a bad one .

    Is the role of a chief to win at any cost ? or is the role of the chief to honour the reputation of the tribe, keep standards, keep players motivated, care for the tribe and see it prosper from start to the end ? watch new players learn the skills, direct experienced players to cunning strategies . Finally is the chief's role to be head of the tribe , represent it in matters of reputation and diplomacy ?:evil: or :saint:

    unfortunately some chiefs aim for higher standards and some don't care and just want to win at all costs . even if that means they turn a blind eye to very suspicious accounts, strange behaviours and growth rates amongst his tribe members . Please note i do not use word "cheat" . i have no evidence to justify that word . However i say where there is smoke, there is fire . one does not have to be an idiot to see that the tribe is suspicious . historic evidence of multi accounts, maybe suspicious pushing activity , unnatural growth rates .?(

    i try to discuss with the chief . he replied that he doesnt care as long as they pay to win . he likes bbq's . then i get spies from 2 of their players .

    That does not seem the most sensible of replies . It seems as if the chief is standing in the middle of a river in Egypt . It is called DE NILE 8)

    How silly of me to think that a chief would care so little about his tribe's and his own reputation ?

    or how silly of me to think a chief would care about his tribe members to make sure they play properly not corruptly ?

    or how silly of me to think this chief actually cares about the game called Tentlan ? and his standards are one of the fault reasons why the group of players who love this game gets smaller :(

    tentlan is a small community of regular players who love the game . if you love the game , i wonder of tribe members of this chief, why continue to follow such a role model ? unless you also want your reputation to go into the gutter ;(