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    Back when Siebal was the main server, we had an interesting discussion about max levels of buildings and res. When you folks did the original upgrade (where you downgraded spies power and cranked up the warriors to be the best bang for the buck) you also raised the caps on res and buildings and tech. It's my understanding that res and tech are unlimited at this point, as is the warehouse? But how many cities can you build to max?

    to get 100% protection, your underground cave should be at level 100, however I think the current max level for that building is 50, so that seems to be the max until they raise that cap.

    Each level you raise it will protect 1% more of your stuff.

    Right, that's why you just put on a few hundred points in the blink of an eye and have been a busy spy. Full of it, you are. Also finished at this server.

    Bye :D

    If you were any more full of it, you'd be floating. Everything you say is a complete distortion of what actually took place. I know this because I was in the tribe that kicked you, I saw what you two were doing, and have continued to do. I also see how you change your story to fit your evolving version of the truth. You insisted Deathstrike was your son and had brought him in to "teach" him to play, when the two of you bought LOTS of troops, shuffled them between each other and attacked lower strength players again and again. And Deathstrike became abusive when he was hit back and said some pretty unacceptable things in global chat including physical threats of violence in real life. So you know, take your lies and sit on them.

    I hope you mean what you say about not playing anymore, because there are a few of us now who are going to make sure to keep you at your word.

    That's all I'm saying to you about this.

    How bizarre mandragon. You were the bully in the new server, I watched you spend probably 100 dollars just to take out several different players, and then when Strike showed up just to see what was going on you attacked him and then threatened to come beat him up. I was there and saw everything. I'm surprised by your words, so I guess I'll have to file a TOS report to devs about your threats. That way you can bully bluster and threaten to quit when you get a dose of your own medicine, but since you broke the rules, maybe you should go play Farmville. Your passive aggressiveness has come back to bite you, and it just makes me smile.

    The game WAS fun til you bullies ruined it for everyone. It's OK, when all that's left is you lot, you'll understand what we mean. Dev's only care about how much turquoise you buy, that's obvious by the way they allow you to cheat and continue to play.

    People are quitting the game because of your actions specifically, no matter what you say. Soon you'll just have each other. :D

    Bye bye.

    Pardon me, but that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard M0H0. A ban means you CANNOT play the game anymore. Re-registering defeats the purpose of the ban, a player just makes a new account and starts over, effectively being rewarded for what got them banned in the first place, which is cheating with an alt.

    Every other game I play online has the same player per account, no alt's or dupes, cheat/break the rules and lose your right to play...PERMANENTLY.

    That how it works in online gaming. Why it would be different here seems quite suspicious.

    I've really had it with the obvious cheating going on. the "bunnys" had a player banned (gea) for having an alt in the game. Now that same player (confirmed by ip) has reappeared with the same tribe in the name of Honey. I've complained about it three times and devs won't do anything about it.

    Using TOR should be banned, but I've verified three different times it's the same ip on both accounts.

    Beginning to suspiciously look like the dev's are in on this.

    Yeah that's four months. I read that you've done the programming for 15 cities, so...I'm just starting on my 8th but I've been having fun with aspects of the building. Like I said in another thread this is a great game.

    LOL I was already doing that when you fixed it so now I have lots of space....really love this game and appreciate your attention to the details.

    Thank you.

    Just achieved level 46 warehouse, can hold 39,641,352 of any of the three res. However to get level 47 warehouse among other things I need 39,668,463 obsidian. This means I cant upgrade the warehouse anymore??? ;(

    I agree and in some games, players who throw false accusations around to try to get people banned often end up being banned themselves for their actions.

    Something for the devs to consider.

    LOL I challenge you to prove what you just said, or be branded the nutjob you truly are in front of the community. Multiple accounts? More like a community of players who think together and work as a team, something you and your cronies are incapable of.

    As an aside. I give the devs full permission to research your specious accusation, just to prove you wrong.

    I promise I won't rub your failure in your face too hard :chuckle: