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    as much as i love my cod zombies and other gamesbut this is more of a sterotype, its not as if none of the younger people play games but its not as prevelent as some think honestly, people are more concerned about moving on from the shock of covid…
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    Replied to the thread Tzolkin wheel.
    yes ive been thinking this for a while now
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    Liked snubbas’s post in the thread Tzolkin wheel.
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    This weel need an upgrade, first you need all Amber stones for make new village, there is no reason to play on wheel, even if when you start play the resourses you can have give you a benefit.
    And when you finaly got all 10 citys, well. Who need 2000…
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    Replied to the thread coming back after inactive.
    i have made a request and still waiting, i consisered paying someone in rss to attack them.
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    Posted the thread coming back after inactive.
    so i came back after a 4 to 5 month break and i have a 2mil player next to me, they would have been farming my inactive base which is fine i dont mind... but how do i combat this, i will say that i am 300k so he cant attack me but there will come a point…