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    Right now, there is already another kind of look for villages from your tribe, so I guess it is indeed possible to make other icons, depending on the points a city has. Good idea!

    Maybe also a few different icons for the barbarians? Like a more advanced city for the level 5 Barbarians, and a more simple look for the lower levels?

    When mousing over your post, in the right bottom corner, you can normally click on 'edit' to edit your post, worked in the other part of the forum, so I think it should also work here.

    Also, do you have any advise about technologies? Is is smart to keep them up and running at all time? Or only a few? Of is it the best to don't mind them at all, unless a quest told you to?

    E: So it is also not worth to attack barbarians for the amber stones to get a reward for the wheel?

    Maybe I am a little bit hasty on this one, and you probably have this thing already in mind, but I will still just leave it here, in case you haven't.
    When you are chatting with someone, for example, I like it personally to look that person up and see how much points he has, just so I know who I am talking about, the only problem is that you can't search in the highscore-list, and also can't click on his name to go to his profile(when he's in the chat, you just highlight him) . Either of this would be very nice I think.
    I am sorry if I am overenthousiastic and this is already planned, but I think it's something very basic and just very nice to have.

    Thanks for reading,

    Bit more organised ^^.

    Maybe, I am just thinking about it, it is better to give a percentage bonus than an absolut number. If you work with something from 1%-5%(depending on the level), de building will indeed be like not worth too much in the beginning and still be very usefull end-game. Or maybe it is too weak in the beggining, although I think it would be more than now, so it could be ok. Not so sure about all the numbers and proportions.

    Hi there,

    I am just new, but when I started playing, I noticed something very annoying. In the beggining at least, don't know if it is also later in the game, if you want to grow quick, you want to keep your queue's for buildings and technologies running at all time, I guess. In the left-corner beneath you can see how many activities you have running, which is really helpfull. But it would been even nice, if you could also easy see how many of that are buildings and how many are technologies, so you know what you can and can't do, and which queues are full and which isn't. Maybe 2 numbers in 2 colors? Or maybe a seperation when you click on it, to make an option to sort it. Don't know if you guys think it would be handy, but in my opinion, it would really help :)

    E: I have played a little more, and the same goes for military training, which is also mixed with the buildings and technologies. So also that would be seperated, following this idea. I don't know if there are also other things that also go in there, stacking up on a pile, like attacks or something like that.

    If it's not clear what I mean, just ask and I will try to explain it as good as possible :).
    Anyways, thanks for reading :)