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    I definitely agree, Tane - on the weaker player getting back up aspect.

    This is why I enjoy not being able to take a player's city and hold it hostage, because that rules out players in the game to a dominating force, and can often lower playerbase.

    I think that there should be a 'Siege' mechanic though, but should only work for say... players with <100,000 Points.

    Alright, so I've done quite a few battles both against NPCs and other Players. I must say that having a mixed unit force feels much more powerful than stacking one type of unit, and it's definitely noticeable. I'm able to beat forces that I wouldn't have normally been able to beat with mixed units now (Like Lv.4/5 Barbarians) and the Simulator does a very great job for what it was designed to do.

    Simulator especially, I cannot explain just how much I am in love with this feature, great work M0H0, Gaviotta & Lionmoon team.
    I can spy on an enemies' fortifications and use that data to simulate how the battle would go before I actually send my troops, so that way I know for sure if I'm sending them to certain death. This mechanic adds a lot of strategic value to the game, and I'm thankful for it.

    Cheers, and I'd love to see more updates like this come our way!

    This actually does sound like an interesting idea, and if I get what you're saying correctly;
    Each City that [Player] owns that has an Underground Cave can send troops through this Underground Cave to other cities owned by [Player]?

    Zooming is indeed not implemented yet in the worldmap, but as Furry suggests, it should be possible to scroll far beyond the visible region by simply dragging and dropping the worldmap with your mouse, or using the arrow keys in your keyboard. It's also possible to jump from one location in the worldmap to another using the coordinates input in the bottom left corner (e.g. from 100:100 to 600:600). There is also currently no visual aid to distinguish which cities belong to which players and tribes until you hover with your mouse each specific city, as Furry mentions.

    Previous Answer from M0H0 on the same topic.

    I don't believe it's a deeper issue.
    I think it is an issue with the Browser you're using. I've never heard of Waterfox (unless it's a knockoff of Firefox).

    I personally use Google Chrome and have never run in to this error, and you're the first person I've heard of on these forums reporting this error.

    It is an error, none-the-less, and could definitely be fixed - unless it's just a problem with the Browser.

    Both a suggestion and an inquiry. Music and Sounds. Some nice ones, too. I know there probably isn't a lot of pre-Columbian style music around, but even some minor things like sounds for structures upgrading, maybe horn/alert sounds for when there are Enemy troops incoming spotted by your watch tower, etc.

    Or let's say you open up a Battle Report that says you Won, it can play a small celebratory cheer sound, yes?

    Just some thoughts from Fur.

    Oh I might have missed that but that means this Battle Sim wont be happenign anytime soon

    Yeah, unfortunately the BETA Server doesn't have any specialties to it, not yet.
    As for the Battle Simulator - I believe you can use it as soon as you get your first combat troops (Lancers).

    Well, to be frank here - M0H0 did tell us that their BETA(Test) Server doesn't have any kind of special modifiers on it, that we play it like a normal game.

    Thank you M0H0. That would be much appreciated. Sometimes you find a player you just don't get along with well, and it is nicer to be able to block them than to have to duck out of chat.

    True, it is nice to block them - however - when you 'Block' a player, it does not stop you from seeing his/her messages within the World Chat. It only stops Private Messages coming from that player.

    It seems like it's just a conflict happening between a set of lines within the games' Elements (since most of these things, including, are held within the Game's Elements.

    What browser you're using could be further helpful.
    Does this Error cause anything peculiar to happen, or cause the game to break?

    No problem, M0H0 - I wasn't personally blaming you guys for it, and the scenario I played out in the original post was purely hypothetical, and involved no literal exploiting or behavior and was meant not to point fingers at anyone.

    I've spent my fair share of time around online gaming to know that stuff like that always gets found out, and is usually sought out to it's full extent, but that always happens.

    All's well that ends well. I can't wait for the update.

    This is a question directly for you M0H0!

    I think we need an option to 'Mute' other players in World Chat. I don't think it would be incredibly hard to implement (remember, I have limited coding experience XD), but it would definitely be a helpful aspect when it comes to keepin' that Public Chat civil.

    Yay? Nay?

    So, if a player with 3k bowmen spied another player and found they also had 3k bowmen as well as hunters, wouldhe leave them alone?

    To be honest, I am not sure on that.
    From some testing Kurgar did - Bowmen are not good at Defending, they usually don't hit anything if everything dies at Wave 1.
    But I can't a definite answer on that. I can only say that stacking one unit type seems the way to go in this game.
    Like building nothing but Atlatl Hunters would be better than Bowmen, but it's much more costly and time consuming.