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    Rhonda u hypocrite your tribe constantly attacked H4H on Tikal i left H4H with my partner due to disagreement with dave1212 which was later sorted.

    I was also on a slow server remember?

    I have hit two of your members not 4 or 5 just two, if other members of tribe or outside tribe has hit your tribe is wasnt me, me being Ravenhead I dont take responsibility for others actions. And i certainly don't hit them daily i think it was twice.

    As for you Vappster / FoxFire, u need to change your boring record.....wasnt hard to work out who u was, both accounts are in protection and both accounts right next door to each other.

    I am a she i run two account Mandragora previously from Tikal / Red Velvet / and now Ravenhead
    My Partner better known as DeathStrike previously from Tikal, Octupus and M1ddlef1nger.
    And for those that know me from game and in RL like dave/tom/norka and a couple others know that i am she.......

    So Vappy would be so nice of you to stop with the accusations and rumours that i am a man and i am someone else i think i was told i am apparently RBKBoss i would be happy to be him, his account is a nice account from what i read and hear i would be honored, but i do not take responsibility for someone else account. As wasnt it you vappster that accussed me way back of being Erwin and then someone else, u need to change this record now its so boring. I only know one of the BEES members and i am happy to have been able to join.

    As for Sweetie, i joined them for the first time on Yax and after many tribes i think i have found somewhere i like they are nice people, and since being there on Yax i dont think i have seen any troops being asked or sent from other tribe members or even asked for resources in fact she offers to help others and show respect, she offers to help tambo troops so that u can farm higher level barbs which i think its a fantastic idea on a new server. So i do find this highly untrue from what i see and im pretty much active and in chat all the time with other tribe members.

    SWEETIE - ild like to say thank you for having us both.

    My BF who lives with me 3 days a week and rest at his house which support is fully aware and yes we have rules that we have to abide by, we get punished like anyone else if we break these rules. And im sure MoHo can vouch for this. Anyways some of us have to work dont have the luxury yet to be semi-retired and throw accusations at others.

    Vappster, there really is something really wrong with u mate, u've accused me of being a liar,a spy, a cheat, multi personality, not being who i say i am, now having multi accounts on the forum, and running multi accounts in game, and properly other things that i dont know of, i have stressed again and again, most if all are against the rules, and if your in our alliance which i have no doubt you are, we reinforce these rules to be kept too. I dont care if your number 1 in Cala or which ever server, at the end of the day your a grumpy old guy who has nothing else to do all day but troll and accuse others. I however hold a full time business and have 5 kids / 2 are who adults now who i love more than anything in this world. I play this game to relax chill when the kids are sleeping, or at there fathers. I dont take this game serious i dont care what rank i am as it means nothing to me,i dont care what troops i have, i dont care if i get zero, i just rebuild as my cities/ research can not be taken, if i become someones farm again i dont care its a game!!! In fact i am more than willingly given my troops to the new guys who start up, hence why im on a very slow progress, my resources mean nothing to me as i send those also to those that really need them. If i have i will send and help others grow, i dont CARE for myself. I work as a team and our tribe is all that matter to me. So whatever you want to call me, i DONT care at the end of the day. I am human i have feelings, i am not heartless and i certainly dont troll the internet i have much better things in my life going for me right now. BUT thing is for certain i dont like u and u dont like me, of which i think is because i dont BOW down to u im an ex servicewoman and i BOW to no one. U can go off and accuse me of what you like but i know the truth and that Mandragora is my sole account, i enjoy a game, i dont care if im ranking 100....... END OF.

    Erwin its ok vappster has accused me of being a cheat since start of of tikal server nothing new there.

    if i could screen shot when u was a grey city i would have, but have been lovely to shut your pie hole. :) but i cant cus since this have logged back so your grey city has gone to an active city, of which is moho was saying on here about inactives.

    Well its the only reason we get rid of peeps is when they have been offline for 7 days no point keeping an inactive player. I have no personal gain and reason to be a lair Vappster, only fact is peeps are booted out after 7 days of no login. FACT

    Sketchy like i said you should send your report to Norka and he would have dealt with it, and that member would be told to stop or kicked out, but nothing has been sent, if this is still happening then please send it to me same name in game, and it will be dealt with.

    Some member go rogue... and dont read tribe chat, we are trying to encourage more and more to talk.

    Welcome to the mighty tribe of Vedanta Union. Ruled by the grace and honour of loyal members. War is not always the only way to conquer and expand. This tribe is not only protecting and supporting its own, we also have a highly form of democracy in the ways of warfare and other problemsolved areas. Everybody will have part and a vote for all strategies that may be executed in this tribe. There is only one rule for the tribe members, NEVER make enemies for fun or become a bully. This empire fights together and for a higher purpose. And if this rule is not followed.. it will be seen as treason towards the tribe and the member will be excluded and become our enemy.(Attack on Inactive and Barbarian cities is allowed of course)

    We are a NON aggressiv tribe (except in defence)
    Yeah, we all smell this BS from a mile away! This bunch of clowns skulks around claiming to be non aggressive, yet ALWAYS attacks people. Why not show a little integrity and say it like it is... We think we are the S*%/ and will attack when we like, and claim you started it when you retaliate.

    As you for you sketchy i dont know what tribe you was in, but there was a certain tribe targeted do to there fellow members continually hitting a few of our members so therefore tribe was targeted for 5 hours could be less, and these attacks have now stopped due to tribe folding and a NAP setup with the new alliance. If you are continued to be hit by our members you should have contacted leader and this would have been sorted out, however as far as i know there hasn't been any messages. So i am assuming that maybe you was part of this tribe that was targeted.

    You was an inactive city u was off 7 days before booted, and then you was hit by a fellow member. Every member over 7 days of being inactive is booted, as need active members. However since this you u have now been back and logged on as you are no longer a inactive city which would explain that report of being hit whilst inactive. Grey is prey :P