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    Maybe an idea to clean the forum members, people inactive for more than 2 month can be removed.
    Jesse (chi) seems to have trouble connecting to the forum, any suggestions there.

    I have completed the lightning feast and there is no new person popping up, thus this mean I have done all the requests ?

    Hi all, what happened in the past is not important for the game at this point, i made this post only about what will happen in the future with the first two servers. If they will be fed with new players or not and if it still makes sense to continue playing on these servers. I would find it a pity if they would not be used anymore in the future as some players spend already a few months on building up. Can Moho or Gio reply on this please. I really don't want to start any discussions it's only an informative question.

    Hi guys,

    My question about new players are not coming out of frustration about former attacks or the way people played but simply about how can it stay nice to play.
    The coming of RR on Mayapan was disrupting the agreement of the three tribes Tenoc, Toc and Chi that we would wait for the game to develop but nothing wrong with players that like to do it their way.
    BTW Foxy as you are called on the new server, there were some issues as you recall the sanction of their nr 2 of RR
    Of course everyone can play on the new server but isn't it a pity that what started as a lot of people playing the game to a few who are waiting now for months to see what happens. And I'm not afraid to give away troops as you know.
    I can only look at the active players and of the 303 their are maybe 50 still playing. When I started the game and I came up with CHI I had 60 players after a week.
    If people are buying their way up I am happy because this is paying the devs for making this game.

    Is there an action foreseen to attract new players in the older servers ?
    It is sad to see that only 2 new players tested in one month
    No more than 60 actives anymore (same amount as the number of players who joint in 1 week at the beginning. It is already exceptional to see more than 5 online

    You click on that players city, choose the icon send resources, select transport units and select whatever you want to send.
    Make sure both have market lvl5 otherwise it wouldn't work

    Is it possible to erase players and tribes that are inactive for more than 2 month, this will give a better overview from what happens in the world and give more space to new possible players. There are tribes and players which stopped being active before I started playing

    If you send troops to another person, these troops become troops of whom you have send it to, the other player goes up in ranking and you go down. To be able to store troops of your own with an ally without change of owner the tambo should work, but this is only foreseen in the next upgrade

    I read a suggestion that mad-dog gave in the past about the fact that it may cost you grain to siege a city which is in my eyes a good thing, maybe if the grain cost is even cumulative each day, you will not be able to stay there forever but at least the player you siege is not able to hide forever unless his tribe attacks the siege. If he doesn't attack during the siege he/she will not be able to grow for the time being